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    FIRE SALE! - 20+ Phrags and 20+ Paphs for sale (UK only).

    ** Updated with current reservations. ** Hello everyone, With a slightly heavy-heart, I've decided to 'get out' of Orchid growing at least for the foreseeable future. I grow under lights in a spare bedroom in the house but due to time constraints, needing to re-appropriate the room for other...
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    New arrivals from Malvern International Show

    Bit late I know but picked these up from the Malvern Show and only just really got around to editing images. Phrag. Pink Panther Paph. Susan Booth Paph. Leucochilum 'Mr Chen' Paph. thaianum I also bought a really nice Paph. Saint Swithin (in flower), a Paph. philippinense var...
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    Paphiopedilum nivium alba

    First flowering of my second nivium alba (both bought last year from Popow in Germany).
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    First Flowering - Eric Young (is it really?)

    Might need some help with ID'ing this one actually. Bought as an Eric Young a little under two years ago. This is the first flower it has produced. Really quite yellowy-green with very little orange pigment - not what I was expecting at all TBH... Lovely size at over 5.5" across but that...
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    Just tidying up my record keeping. Can anyone ID this seller?

    I bought a couple of multi-florals from this (German I think) seller at Malvern on the 16th June. Lovely plants but I like to keep a record of who I bought what from and didn't think to take a card or anything from him on the day. Can anyone tell me who he is/what nursery, etc? Luckily I took...
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    Phrag. Jason Fischer

    I posted a few weeks ago with this plant but I can't find my original post now for some reason. Here's a couple of updated pics now it's on its 3rd flower (first blooming). Very happy with the plant as a whole; nice strong roots, gorgeous foliage with no leaf-tip die back, yellowing of old...
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    Ian from Harrogate - Are you on here buddy?

    Met Ian at Malvern Three Counties Show this afternoon. Just wondered if he was a member of this board/forum?
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    Phrag. Cardinale

    I love the old crosses :) First time flowering for me although it has a previously flowered growth from when I bought it from PeruFlora April '16.
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    Jason Fischer (first bloom),

    Bought this one in around Feb this year. Wasn't really expecting a spike this year but happy surprise. This is one of my phrags I started growing normally and not in S/H which I'm gradually phasing out (with good results I think).
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    Still a bit confused about Grow & Bloom Fertilisers with Phrags.

    Sorry as I'm sure this has been covered countless times... From an indoor growers' perspective, my temps vary little over the course of the year with 24-27 C during the day dropping to 17-19 C during the night (I do change 'day length' however with around 15-16 hrs in summer down to 10 in...
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    Phrag leaves yellowing as spikes begin to appear...

    Hi guys, I think I've gotten a handle on the cause of this but would like to run it past the group just in case my research & thinking aren't 100%. A little background; I've noticed over the past few couple of months that seemingly perfectly healthy and vigorous phrags started to yellow the...
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    "I warned you", it said. "Re-pot me or I'll make my own", it said...

    Seems even after just over a year that this one has seriously outgrown its pot (Eric Young) and I should be more pro-active with my repotting regime... As you see over on the left-hand side, this was after I'd removed all the old bark & perlite. Virtually no dead roots though so happy days :)
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    Un-inflated/deformed pouch + brown spotting leaves.

    Been a while since i've posted on here but been in the background quietly watering my collection.... Iv'e got a Phrag. Cape Bonanza that I divided last year into three plants. All have bloomed since but the latest one has thrown up two spikes and a couple of the flowers have not fully...
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    Paph. leucochilum

    Really happy that this one decided to rebloom (bought it last year from Popow in Germany as one of his 'Select' leucochilum plants (where you choose the exact plant based on the flower it has previously produced). Doesn't seem quite as 'open' as the original bloom and has been open for a...
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    Orchid number plate spotted in London.

    Actually found some imagery of this via Google when it was on a Range Rover back when I was looking for an Orchid orientated number plate on a bit of a whim - never got one in the end. Interestingly, I stumbled across this parked on a side-street in Knightsbridge this afternoon whilst walking...
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    Notes on watering a mixture of rain water and tap.

    Read a couple of articles that mention mixing a percentage of tap/city water with rain or RO water in order to get a more balanced watering (adding back calcium and/or magnesium to 'pure' rain/RO water). I'd be curious to hear of people's thoughts and/or recepies for such while I get my new...
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    Harrogate OS Show This Weekend (Aug 6-7) 'Orchids For Everyone' - UK.

    Anyone going to this?
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    Suggestions for balanced fert available in the UK?

    I've been using OrchidFocus for last year or so with ok results but wanted to move to a well-respected balanced alternative. I've tried Akernes Rain Mix with disappointing results but not sure where/what to try next. I suspect 10 replies will yield 10 different answers but thought I'd ask all...
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    Can anyone ID this plant?

    It was gifted to my sister-in-law by one of her friends as it was too big for where she wanted in her house. Picture doesn't really show scale but it's pretty big. Any help appreciated.
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    Paph. thaianum.

    Been out for a few weeks and finally got around to taking a shot. Plant has two blooms but the other one not as nice as this :)