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    Phrag giganteum x caudatum 31"

    Love this hybrid. Ed.
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    sanderianum just opening.

    This should be really nice once the sepals have elongated. Three buds opening and one to come!! Ed
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    Paph. kolokapingii.

    Pleased with this but all credit must go to orchidbaz for growing this for years. The plant is grown in a 20cm pot. Ed.
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    Prince Edward of York.

    A first and very pleasing result.
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    Paph. Carola Adenaur.

    A lovely cross between PEoYork and chamberlainianum. The first bud opened with a twisted pouch so just showing the next one which is almost open.
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    My small Roth.

    A cross between paris and starship with 6growths and a leafspan of only 34cms; Bloomed last year with 2 blooms and this year with 3. I don't think the colour could be bettered. Ed
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    My small Roth !!

    A cross between paris and starship with 6 growths and only a 34cm leafspan. Flowered with two blooms last year (1st flowering) so pleased with the three blooms this year. I don't think the colour could be any better. Ed
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    My mini roth??

    Roth paris x starship with leafspan only 36cms.
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    Paph. esquirolei.

    vary pleased with this plant with two spikes. Ed
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    Very pleased with this first flowering, The difference in the bloom from the 1st day of opening to the 7th day is unbelievable. Ed.
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    What a shocker!!

    Pah shin-yi's pride. First flowering. Cut the first flower off because of a double dorsal only one dangler and the pouch facing sideways. The second bud a little better but still not good. Ed
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    Just one bud watch!!

    Excited about this 'bud watch' the label says -- Michael Koopowitz x sanderianum x anitum. The buds are almost black and I'm wondering how it may look when it comes into bloom. The best I can find is the name I put on the pic but Shin Yi's Pride I don't think contains sanderianum.
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    Fritz Schomberg

    Just opened today so should flatten out in the next couple of days. Ed
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    Ideas please!!

    Had this plant for the last two years and was bought from a dealer who sometimes deal with EYOF. This Phrag had no identification, the dealer said it just came ' buckshee' in a small consignment. Anyhow the flower opened yesterday , I have been searching the web for identification but came up...
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    Live sphagnum moss.

    Put this plant into live moss in a semi-clear pot around 4 months ago. It was almost rootless but now --- well just look at the pic. Over the moon!! Thanks to Lance Birk for the inspiration. Ed
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    Olaf Gruss.

    Only a smallish plant of pearcei / besseae but in my opinion it produces a lovely bloom. First flowering for this plant so pleased with the result. Ed
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    Phrag. Ainsworthii or Calurum.

    Three spikes on this division. Same breed but Ainsworthii was registered before Calurum ------or am I wrong again?? Ed
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    Paph. Berenice

    Only just opened but pleased with the bloom --- This is flowering from its 2 leaf smallest growth!! Ed
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    Strange growth for Berenice??

    One large growth and three small two leaf growths. What beats me is that this is flowering from the smallest growth -- just two leaves around 5" in length. Is this unusual because it's never happened to me before? Ed
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    Paph. parishii.

    First flowering with 7 blooms. Very pleased although there is slight pinching on some of the pouches ---------could this be a lack of fert?? Ed