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    First bloom seedling . Paph liemianum

    Here's another first blooming seedling . I'm really happy with this one too .
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    First bloom malipoense

    Hey guys here's my first malipoense flower . It's a first blooming seedling . Nice colour and I really like the form , however meally bugs had a little chew on the pouch cause deformation :( .
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    First time to spike a multi ....

    Hey guys , maybe this is a little premature ... But I can't contain my excitement . This is the first multi floral I have gotten to spike ...ever ..and it's a Roth !!!!! Yey.. Anyone know how long it will take to bloom ? Ryan
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    Attempting to make mini complex ...?

    I'm interested to know if anyone's into mini complex standards ? This cross I've made hopefully will yield something worth keeping along the plum fairy , Ali taba Kind of lines... It's paph winchilla'Dark Gem' ( which is ochilla 'chilton x winston Churchill ' Indominable ') and I've pollinated...
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    Paph charelsworthii

    I know the season is over for Charley's here in Bris , but I never got around to posting this one . What do you think? Ryan
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    Paph Jackii first flowering seedling .

    My first Jackii .. Not brilliant .. But not awful either .
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    Paph acmodontum

    As you can probably tell ... I'm a species nut !! And this is one of those cute little species I really love . Such nice pinks !!
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    Paph urbanianum

    Here's a first flowering seedling urbanianum . Please excuse the glove ... I was spraying for mites when I decided to cut this flower ( I felt the seedling was too small to support it first time round ) . This cross is from Hung Sheng . Ryan
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    Paph victoria regina .

    Here's another species I love . Just finished flowering . Enjoy .:) Ryan:)
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    Paph Fanaticum

    A nice Paph .Fanaticum .... Well I like it hehe ..
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    Paph villosum

    Hello again . Here is a first flowering villosum seedling . I've only recently learnt how to post pics here so am enjoying being able to finally share some of my paphs . Cheers Ryan :)
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    Paph gratrixianum 'Little Master ' x ' Johnny '

    Here is a first flowering seedling Paph gratixianum . I'm really happy with the shape and colour . Cheers Ryan :)
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    Paph bellatulum

    Hello again . Here is another Paph I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on . It's a first flowering seedling Paph bellatulum . The shape isn't perfect . But I like the colour and it's a nice large flower . Cheers again Ryan :)
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    Paphiopedilum venustum 'Astrid' AM/AOC

    Hey All . This is my very first attempt at posting something so hopefully It works . I have Just flowered my first ever Paph venustum and wanted to share . It's a division of the awarded Paph venustum 'Astrid' . Hope you like. Cheers Ryan :)
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    Wanted Paph wardii 'Royale' HCC /AOC Australia

    Hello . I am curious if anyone in Australia has a division of paph wardii 'Royale' for sale or to swap . I'm new to this forum so not exactly sure how this all works . I guess just msg me if you have any info . Kindest regards Ryan