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    The struggle of growing in the Home

    Well I am a home grower hobbyist. I'm sure my struggles are know in part by anyone trying to grow orchids in their home. My first problem is that I can not get my HUMIDITY up. It stays at about 43%. Even with a console humidifier in the living room, where all the orchids are, I just can't...
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    Help! I have a large Paph Lady Isabel

    I just received a very large Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel. It is in a 6-inch pot. The large single fan has fallen over, and I need to know what I can do to upright the fan in the pot. Thanks.
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    Terminology & Definitions

    Sounds like a dumb question, but I don't have all this "terminology" in my head yet ..... Can someone tell me what a "large seedling" is? is that "Near Blooming Size" (whatever that is), and can a large seedling be Blooming size ? I wish there were an Orchid Dictionary.
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    Are these 2 vendors still in business ?

    I have been attempting to contact AUSTIN CREEK ORCHIDS and ENLIGHTENED ORCHIDS but have received no reply. Does anyone know if these vendors are still open ?
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    Growing multi floral Paphs indoors.

    I have decided to begin growing multi floral Paphs again, after an absence of almost 5-years. Different home now, different exposures and conditions. Light is not a problem, nor is humidity, however I have a concern over temps, as multiflorals are rather specific in their temp conditions. I have...