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    Cattleya Bloom

    A purchase from Fantasy Orchids a year ago, it has finally bloomed. It opened up two days ago and the fragrance is barely developing. Hopefully it will be as strong as it was when I same the same orchid in bloom at the greenhouse. It is potted in small lava rocks with a top layer of moss. All...
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    Paph. Muriel's Pearl, anyone have one?

    I got this one today, it was discounted as the blooms have all fallen off. I saw that it has MANY new growths, I counted 4. They were also 2 microscopic speckled green buds that may turn out to be new growths too! I repotted in 20% sphagnum and 80% bark, charcoal, and small perlite mix. It was...
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    Coryanthes acranthe x sib

    I don't do anything special with this orchid. It grows in my bdrm in my apt, get some artificial light along with bright sunlight. Potted with lava to the middle and the top half is pure sphagnum. It came with a tiny spike about two months ago and at the same time it grew another psuedobulb...