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  1. ioperate

    Paph. micranthum var. eburneum and Parishii

    Greenhouse: Today's countertop: Last bloom still developing its full petal twist. I love this plant :smitten: Parishii seed pod from last years bloom that I still have. Wondering if any experienced germinators want this guy? I can confirm its a selfing of the above...
  2. ioperate

    Little bess and Parishii seed pod

    Bess from John M One of the 15 blooms on my Parishii looks like it pollinated with no help from me! Posting this cause I'm actually not too sure what to do with it? ie. how long to leave it on there. I have fair amount of cell culture experience and lab access so I could probably go...
  3. ioperate

    Parishii "Awesome"

    From John M a few months ago. 2 spikes, 7 flowers per. Once it's fully open I'll figure out how to take those beautiful black background pics!! Just posted my fully terrarium setup here: http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=38525 Cheers, Mike Second shoot...
  4. ioperate

    My Automated Terrarium "Degobah"

    Was away from the hobby for a few years doing a lot of travelling, now settled again and have my terrarium fully setup. I've always been a fan of small terrarium setups and have never been able to properly control the environment in my previous setups so I build my own automated garden. It was...