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  1. Justin

    Some Paphs

    Just sharing some pics from recently and over the past year. I have a pretty nice bloom season coming up with some great roths in spike, so should have some updates in another month or so! rothschildianum 'Red Baron' x 'Chester HIlls' Paph lowii - monster plant I have grown for about 15+...
  2. Justin

    Paph rothschildianum

    Another old school roth. This is roth 'Chester Hills' x 'Red Baron' from an Orchid Zone cross. This is the fourth or fifth I bloomed from a flat I grew out, and this and it is the best one so far. They have all had this old school look. Not huge size (26cm NS and 5.7 DS), but very nice color...
  3. Justin

    New Species

  4. Justin

    Paph Via Ojai 'Sylvia' HCC/AOS

    Paph Via Ojai 'Sylvia' HCC/AOS Division from Marriott Orchids. This clone is a great grower and has a beautiful flower.
  5. Justin

    Paph gratrixianum

    First bloom seedling. P. gratrixianum 'Foster' x 'Olympic'. I can't remember how I got this plant, but based on a quick search I found it was flasked at Troy Myers' and the cross is by Olympic orchids. https://lab.troymeyers.com/flasking/item.php?id=TN6905&kind=flask
  6. Justin

    rothschildianums 2018

    Had a nice little crop of roths earlier this spring. Here are some highlights: rothschildianum 'Mont Millais' FCC/AOS, GM/WOC true division, NS 29 cm
  7. Justin

    Paph Saint Swithin

    My old school Saint Swithin i have had for many years. I have grown it for about 16 years. Plant is maybe 25 years old as it was a multi growth clump when i first got it. It bloomed a few times over all those years but is now starting to bloom regularly.
  8. Justin

    Paph Armeni White 'Supreme' AM/AOS

    Division from Leo
  9. Justin

    Paph philippinense 'Alford' AM/AOS 4 spikes

    Best flowering yet for me. 4 spikes with 14 flowers/buds.
  10. Justin

    Cattleya intermedia

    Seedling from francisco miranda. I have grown this for many years this is the best blooming yet.
  11. Justin

    Coelogyne glandulosa

    Got this plant in Oct from a member of my OS. Huge plant very fragrant. 7 spikes!
  12. Justin

    Paph Salty 'Val'

  13. Justin


    Picked up in bloom in our OS meeting from edgar stehli/windswept in time orchids
  14. Justin

    Paph Jack Tonkin 'Val's Choice'

    Love this clone...this plant has two spikes this year
  15. Justin

    Paph wardii

    Freckles x self
  16. Justin

    Lovely phrag

    Labeled as Sedenii 'Greenfields' however i have heard the opinion it is a Cardinale.
  17. Justin


    From Ecuagenera
  18. Justin

    Paph sukhakulii 2 clones

    Sibs from Taiwan ...i have posted these before but they are in bloom again.
  19. Justin

    P. Woluwense compot.for sale

    From Orchid Inn. The cross is nivium Full Moon x roth X-Hot. There are approx 15 seedlings in a 4" pot I am selling for $60 plus $15 shipping. US only. Also all these plants are still available http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42018