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  1. shadytrake

    Time for the Paphs and Bulbos

    Hi All, As I make room for my Dendrobium collection (that grew exponentially this weekend), I am preparing my most of my Paphs and Bulbos for sale. I have general photos first, but because this is an extensive collection I won't post photos or prices until requested. Shipping/packaging will...
  2. shadytrake

    Selling Phrag collection

    Hi All, Now that hubby and I have completed our greenhouse, we have decided to specialize in our Dendrobiums that are my first love. Therefore, we have agreed to sell our Phrags. Please note that I will provide photos and information as best that I can and these will go out bare-root. Prices...
  3. shadytrake

    Gastrochilus japonicus

    Another one of my favorites. :D
  4. shadytrake

    Stanhopea embreei

    Well it turns out that my Stan wardii is actually embreei. The guy I got it from said it was either wardii or embreei but he couldn't remember and the tag was gone. After 2 years, it finally bloomed and now I know for sure. I actually like embreei better. :drool: Anyone know what the...
  5. shadytrake

    Dendrobium Judith Nakayama

    I was able to convince John at Clown Alley to part with this beauty from his show display last year. It was pulled for judging but did not have enough flowers. I am working on getting more flowers from it (4 new growths working). In the meantime, it gave me a beautiful bloom (not quite...
  6. shadytrake

    Re-Arranged Phrag Area

    After speaking with Glen at Piping Rock, I decided to move the Phrags lower in the Shade House closer to the concrete floor. I also added a piece of extra screen to shade them from the afternoon sun. I also took y'all's advice and raised the shade cloth off of the SH roof. I do feel the...
  7. shadytrake

    Ctsm Karen Armstrong

    This lovely came from Sunset Valley Orchids.
  8. shadytrake

    Zygostates lunata & Stanhopea wardii

    These two are working on blooms. So exciting.
  9. shadytrake

    Vendors near Rochester/Syracuse, NY?

    Hi All, I'm vacationing in the Fingerlakes area until next week. Any good orchid vendors within driving distance of Syracuse/Rochester, NY?
  10. shadytrake

    Large Phrag. Kai Quintal for Trade

    I have a 8 growth (maybe 9) Phrag Kai Quintal that I would like to trade. (Sorcerer's Apprentice 4N x amazonica 'Birchwood') amazonica is now richteri. SORRY USA ONLY. I would like to trade for an established Paph Magic Lantern, a Paph glaucophyllum (more purple than pink), or a Paph...
  11. shadytrake

    Light & Temp

    Hi Everyone, Rick got me to thinking last night about my light and temps so I thought I should take some readings and get your feedback. My shadehouse is situated in the East part of my back yard. As you can see from the photos, I can't do much about the neighbor's Crepe Myrtles and...
  12. shadytrake

    Paphiopedilum Roland var alba

    This is a lovely alba form that I got from Sam Tsui. Double Grey 1/2 album 'Mallingham HCC/AOS x S. Gratrix 1/2 album 'Full Moon' I think the math was that I had a 50% chance of the alba form so I purchased two. My other non-alba Roland perished. This one is finally blooming and looks...
  13. shadytrake

    Bulbophyllum echinolabium

    My first real stinker. Ewwwwww but pretty.
  14. shadytrake

    Paphiopedilum hangianum x bellatulum

    This is a first bloom of a Paph purchased for me by a friend at Redlands. It had a bud when it was shipped and I didn't expect it to bloom but here it is.
  15. shadytrake

    "What do Orchids Eat?" Experiment

    Recently at our MOS show, (May 17-19), I had a chance to sit down with Rick to discuss his article "What do Orchids Eat?" from the March issue of ORCHIDS. I had been experiencing the same declines he mentioned in the article and I was really struggling with my collection. He was patient...
  16. shadytrake

    iPhone Snapshots

    These are not the best shots but they will give you an idea of my shade house. I'm in the process of re-arranging so it is a mess. Not much in bloom now because the spring weather has been cold and wet. We are just starting to warm up.
  17. shadytrake

    Greetings from Memphis, TN

    Hello all. I have lurked here in the past and thought I was already a member. Found out I wasn't yesterday when I tried to login. :D Anyway, I'm Melissa and I grow in a shadehouse in Memphis, TN. I have roughly 300 orchids of which 20 or 30 are slippers. I look forward to chatting on...
  18. shadytrake

    Phrag Cahaba Jim Bailey

    Here is a photo of my Phrag. Cahaba Jim Bailey (Sunset Glow 'ORCHIDbabies' 4N x Lutz Rolke 'Emily' AM/AOS). This is a 4N cross from ORCHIDbabies. This is the first blooming for me and only my third Phrag bloom. I grow in a shadehouse here and Phrags are a challenge. This Phrag has never...