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  1. RNCollins

    Dendrobium Enobi Purple ‘Splash’ AM/AOS

    Dendrobium Enobi Purple ‘Splash’ AM/AOS I purchased this plant a few months ago from Sundance Orchids. It’s my first Dendrobium so I’m learning as I go.
  2. RNCollins

    Paph. delenatii

    Paph. delenatii ( x self) Purchased from Hauserman’s about a year ago. Compact, perfect if space is limited. Paph. delenatii
  3. RNCollins


    NYEric, Your inbox is full. There's a message waiting for you! :)
  4. RNCollins

    Aircone pots and Phrags

    Hi, I need to repot a couple of my Phrags that I have sitting in a saucer filled with a small amount of water. Does anyone do this with the Aircone pots? Right now the Aircone pots are what I have on hand, and I wanted to see if I could put off ordering new pots and supplies right now...
  5. RNCollins

    Paph Pedro's Moon

    Paph. Pedro's Moon (Paph. Pinocchio '#3' x armeniacum 'G.E.' AM/AOS) This is a first bloom. I got this a couple of years ago from Glen Decker of Piping Rock when he came to speak at our orchid society. IMG_2715 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2717 by cponsolle, on Flickr
  6. RNCollins

    Parkside Orchids Summer Fest July 24-26, 2015

    Parkside Orchids Summer Fest July 24-26, 2015 List of vendors that will be at Parkside: Piping Rock Woodstream Ecuagenera J & L Kelley's Korner Ten Shin Waldor Stony Brook Orchidphile Dragon Argo Fishing Creek Little Brook Marlow New World Main Street Lois Duffin 2503...
  7. RNCollins

    Paph Hilo Green #3 x Hsinying Yosemite 'Full Moon'

    Paph. Hilo Green #3 x Hsinying Yosemite 'Full Moon' I got this from a fellow member of my Orchid Society IMG_2700 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2698 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2696 by cponsolle, on Flickr
  8. RNCollins

    Paph tonsum

    Paph. tonsum 'Mini Dark' x self Purchased in bud at the Piping Rock Open House IMG_2695 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2692 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2693 by cponsolle, on Flickr
  9. RNCollins

    Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz

    Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz (Paph. delenatii x malipoense) First bloom. Purchased in October 2013 from nia22d on eBay. Bit of a wonky pouch... IMG_2675 by cponsolle, on Flickr IMG_2676 by cponsolle, on Flickr
  10. RNCollins

    J&L Orchid Summer Sale Extravaganza

    Taken from the J&L website: J&L ORCHIDS SUMMER SALE EXTRAVAGANZA June 26th thru July 5th All regular stock 25% off - that's 10% more than usual First three days, special guest vendor Carri Raven Riemann of the Orchidphile --- Saturday only, first time guest vendor Glenn Decker...
  11. RNCollins

    Seattle Orchid's Annual Anniversary Sale 6/14 - 6/30

    Seattle Orchid's entire website is on sale, 20% off, from June 14 - 30. Use promo code JUNE20 http://www.seattleorchid.com/Default.asp
  12. RNCollins

    NoID Phal

    Monster NoID Phal with 12 leaves, I won this at an OS meeting. IMG_2672 by cponsolle, on Flickr
  13. RNCollins

    Dtps. Jiuhbao Queen Diamond

    Dtps. Jiuhbao Queen Diamond (Chain Xen Queen x Haur Jin Diamond) Purchased from Big Leaf Orchids last year. IMG_2668 by cponsolle, on Flickr
  14. RNCollins

    Paph Vanda M. Pearman

    Paph Vanda M. Pearman (bellatulum x delenatii (1/2 vinicolor) Purchased from Orchids Limited last winter. Second bud is hidden and just about to open. IMG_2670 by cponsolle, on Flickr
  15. RNCollins

    Magic Lantern

    Purchased at the Woodstream Open House in January 2015 image by cponsolle, on Flickr
  16. RNCollins

    Silva Orchids Culture Day & Sale June 5 & 6

    From the website: Silva Orchids Culture Day & Sale Friday & Saturday June 5 & 6 10 am - 5 pm Learn how to grow and pot your orchids properly. Bring your own plants to be repotted. The first two 7" and under are free, $ 5.00 per additional per plant 635 Wayside Road Neptune, NJ...
  17. RNCollins

    Piping Rock Orchid Open House

    Piping Rock Orchids Open House, Picnic, & Guest Speakers Saturday ~ June 6th, 2015 ~ 10:30 AM 2270 Cook Road ~ Galway, NY Open House Plant Sales Special Guest Speaker / Vendors: Terry Kowalczuk - the owner of FLORA PECULIA, is known for having perhaps the largest retail...
  18. RNCollins

    N. Jersey OS Show & Sale Jan 16-18

    Is anyone going?? http://njorchids.org/annual-show/2015-show/ Vendors include Piping Rock Ten Shin J & L Parkside Kelley's Korner New World Orchids See above link for more vendors
  19. RNCollins

    Monster Phals

    Does anyone have one of these? I've got one with 12 leaves!
  20. RNCollins

    Indoor Humidity

    I grow my orchids indoors, in a bedroom. I try to keep the humidity around 60%. What would be a good humidity level that wouldn't cause mold growth in the house or damage to the walls or other problems? If I don't use the humidifier in the winter it drops down to the 40's.