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  1. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    Can't recall where and when I bought this, and it looked a bit forlorn as it developed such a long stem growing way out of the pot. But it developed such a remarkably strong profusion of blooms that have been emerging over the past 2 months, finally felt the need to photograph it.
  2. Achamore

    Phrag Fliquet 4N

    Bought this some years back from Orchids Limited, reckon this is the best blooming I have had.
  3. Achamore

    Is this Andean Fire ?

    Another ID conundrum. Bought this several years ago, no tag with it. Looks very like Andean Fire to my eye, but not certain. What would be the other candidates? It is Andean Fire then I think it must be a tetraploid, as the leaves are much bigger than the (definite) Andean Fire I have had 17+ years.
  4. Achamore

    Green Species ID please

    Bought this one a few years ago from Ecuagenera, failed to put a tag in the pot, and now cannot find the paperwork etc. Could I please have help with its ID..?
  5. Achamore

    besseae 3N

    From Orchids Limited about 9 years back. Seems lovelier now than any previous blooming, though maybe just the mind playing tricks.
  6. Achamore

    Phrag Scarlet O'Hara

    So darned difficult to photograph these deep reds. But will always keep trying, kind of irresistable.
  7. Achamore

    Phrag Peruflora's Cirila Alca

    First time blooming for me, must have bought it about 4 years ago.
  8. Achamore

    Group Shot

    Just felt like shooting several of the guys that are in bloom at the moment. Two are Hanne Popow (the tall one was made with a besseae flavum) and the large pink is Peruflora's Cirila Alca - the first time I have had it in bloom. There's a besseae 3N I bought from Orchids Limited about 9 years ago.
  9. Achamore

    Bulbo tingabarinum

    Just came into bloom for the first time a few days ago. Delighted..!
  10. Achamore

    Phrag. ecuadorense 'Kiska'

    I bought this from Malcolm Perry a few years ago, its tag says Phrag. ecuadorense 'Kiska'. Its like this group (ecuadorense et al) but really small. Malcolm reckons it deserves its own species status, as it is so diminutive, much smaller than others in this group. My first blooming of it. With...
  11. Achamore

    Besseae & schlimii family portrait

    Took this group shot yesterday. Can you identify each one, from left to right? :)
  12. Achamore

    China Dragon 4N and Fliquet 4N

    Both of these are from the Eric Young Foundation originally. I bought them from Sue Adams, with Malcolm Perry's help. As they are both in good bloom at the same time, I thought it interesting to photograph them together. China Dragon is on the left in both pics.
  13. Achamore

    Sunset Glow 4N

    Bought this plant 10 years ago from Jerry Fischer at Orchids Limited. This is certainly the best bloom it has produced in that time. :)
  14. Achamore

    Eumelia Arias duo

    Bought these from Peruflora 2 years ago, first blooming for both plants.
  15. Achamore

    Besseae flavum old and new blooms

    As one bloom fades it takes a slightly more golden hue, in contrast with the new bloom that has just opened, pale and veering towards pale lemon-green.
  16. Achamore

    Spot On

    One of the plants I bought from Sue Adams, originally from Woodstream Orchids, apparently. An unusual staminode cap, so am also posting a close-up of that. This will have to be my last posting in the forum. I leave with a heavy heart, but I came to the forum for orchids, not politics, and I...
  17. Achamore

    Jason Fischer & Scarlet O'Hara

    Its taken ages for the Scarlet O'Hara bud to open, never seen a phrag bud take sooooo long. But happen to have a Jason Fischer (3N) in bloom as well, so thought it would be interesting to photograph them together, so one can compare the reds etc as the lighting isn't an issue. Scarlet O'Hara is...
  18. Achamore

    Double Kovachii

    Old Faithfull: this lovely kovachii blooms each autumn, but this is the first time its had two at once. Unsure why / how the colour streak came about in the 2nd of the blooms.
  19. Achamore

    Hanne Popow family shot

    Couldn't resist taking the time to bring these all out of the greenhouse and take a family portrait. Photo includes Phragmipedium besseae and besseae flavum; Phrag schlimii; Phrag Hanne Popow (including one made with besseae flavum); and Phrag St. Ouen (which is Hanne Popow crossed back with...
  20. Achamore

    Jason Fischer 3N

    Bought from Orchids Limited several years ago. The plant has never been happy, and I can't recall it ever blooming for me before. So I was very surprised and delighted to see the spike developing.