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    Paph. leucochilum x fairreanum

    First time blooming. I would say equally balanced result with both parents well represented.
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    Phrag. Inti's Tears 'Red Daggers'

    A division from SlipperKing (Rick) blooming a second time for me. I really like this cross!! Thanks again Rick.
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    Den. Jonathan's Glory 'Dark Joy'

    Recent addition from Gold Country Orchids. Alan K. suggests this cross will bloom all season and does not need the cool winter rest more typical of these AU Den. hybrids. We shall see but so far, so good!
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    Paph. primulinum

    I like this yellow form a bunch.
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    Paph helenae

    Fairly recent additions from OZ. First time with this species and I am hooked!
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    Ascda. Macarena Iglesias

    This was supposed to be a separate post but I accidentally included it as a reply to my Stanhopea post. Anyway, reliable bloomer and does well in my windowsill and outside in summer.
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    Stanhopea wardii 'Ten Flowers' x self

    These never get old for me. Powerful wintergreen-like fragrance and alien flowers.
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    Paph. helenae x Barbilight

    Looks to me like a giant helenae....at least in the dorsal.
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    Paph. Wossner Helene

    helenae x charlesworthii. Great primary, easy to flower and large flower to plant size.
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    Phal. Princess Kaiulani 'Chin Yo'

    This one is an explosion of color and came from Big Leaf. First time blooming so should get more than 2 flowers next time. The plant has some fatty leaves but not surprising given it's lineage (amboinensis x violacea).
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    Phrag QF Naukana Kealoha

    First time blooming for me and pretty happy with it. The cross is Inca Treasure x longifolium var. gracillis.
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    Paph. charlesworthii ('Perfection' x 'Starfire')

    I picked this up over the summer. I like the wide dorsal. One of the many fine OZ charlesworthii's.
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    Paph. lowii ('Outreach x Dark Secret')

    An OZ cross.
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    Paph. St. Swithin

    Repotted this monster in July and it did not miss a beat. Usually blooms in Feb. but sometimes will send a spike in the summer as it did here. Not the best example of this species but it is a special one for me since I have had it for over 15 years and it was my first multi.
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    Yamadaara Quenn Adelia 'Kiilani'

    Such a reliable bloomer and easy plant. I have 2 of these and they never fail to add some needed color in the late summer. The cross is Blc. Orange Nuggett x Yam. Sammie Evans.
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    Outdoor orchid bench recommendations?

    I need some advice on garden benches that I can use for my orchids during their outdoor summer vacation. The plants will be on a concrete slab under 50% shade cloth and preferably tiered benches would be best such that water cascading off of one tier does not directly hit the tier below. The...
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    Paph. esquirolei

    Second flower bloomed after the bud (first appeared in the late winter!) somehow survived this summer heat. Watered nearly every day. Flower is little past prime as I was slow getting around to posting.
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    Dendrobium thrysiflorum

    The lips have become darker orange with time on this one. Wish it would bloom more often!
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    Stanhopea costaricensis

    First time blooming. Decent wintergreen-like scent.
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    Cyp. Philipp

    A micranthos x kentuckiense primary hybrid. It's second year in the ground and seems to be healthy though the clump has not really expanded much. Do folks here ever fertilize their terrestrial Cyp's? I covered it the first winter (per instructions from the supplier) to avoid root rot but did...