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  1. MarioQ

    Help with leucochilum.

    After 8 months focusing my growing on Paphiopedilum, I have my first problem. First I thought it was sun burning, now I see that it comes from inside. This plant has two new growings, the younger one looks fine. I think to cut the infected one and wait what happens. I really appreciate your...
  2. MarioQ

    To stake or not to stake? Lowii spiking habit

    Well, it seems that I’m doing it well. My first lowii blooming (well, I bought it as lowii, we will see) but I’m doubting if staking or not. I prefer to not staking my orchids, but I’m confused that I see lowii pics in internet and they are upright or horizontal and here I would have a beautiful...
  3. MarioQ

    Paphiopedilum bellatulum

    My first blooming of this mature plant that I bought early October. Bud appeared mid-December. I have been enjoying it these last days. It is pretty and amazing. I always wanted a bellatulum. The collector told me that it is a 4N. To me it seems a type one, a normal bellatulum, and it doesn’t...
  4. MarioQ

    Hello from Mexico!

    I have a wenshanense since 2015. I was more into cattleyas and vandas, but since I moved to another city and to live in an apartment, I started growing more paphios since last summer. I'm so fascinated that now I have 29, mostly species. I share some pics, I don’t have the blooming merit (only...