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  1. Silvan

    Chou-Yi Yuki and S. Gratrix

    Cute little things :D
  2. Silvan


    one flower this time around. but I still love this species. I guess that I have to put it back with the Cattleyas and Lycastes.. I'll need to rearrange some plants... again! lol
  3. Silvan

    Super Rubies

    I'll probably do that. It climbs a little and I want to repot it and cover the base and see if it would help the next growth bloom better since it would have it's own root system. We'll see. I was also thinking of crossing it back to popowii. but I'm not sure if I'll have the patience to wait...
  4. Silvan

    Super Rubies

    (besseae x warszewiczianum black) small flower huuuuge plant. a bit of a disappointment. not sure how a besseae and a popowii can produce such a big plant. not sure either if I'm keeping this one. takes up way too much space.
  5. Silvan

    Mem. Maria Teresa Fighetti

    (Elizabeth Castle x kovachii) The colour is a bit off on the second picture. It got a little too sunny when I took the picture. Not much to say about this one. Reliable bloomer, medium size plant (for a kovachii hybrid), big flower.
  6. Silvan

    Suzanne Decker

    (kovachii 'Laura' x Cape Sunset) I can't believe that I've been growing this plant for almost a decade now. Still one of my favorite Phragmipedium. :)
  7. Silvan

    Bel Royal 4N 'Charles' AM/AOS

    A bit blurry, but the picture is mostly to show the plant
  8. Silvan

    Bel Royal 4N 'Charles' AM/AOS

    Division from a friend of mine :D Mem. Dick Clements 4N 'Jersey' FCC/AOS/RHS x Sorcerer's Apprentice 4N (EYOF)
  9. Silvan

    La Vingtaine

    Looks great! Branching spikes are overrated ;)
  10. Silvan

    Phragmipedium Elfin's Goodness

    A real beauty!
  11. Silvan

    Some plants in bloom in January :)

    The first flower on my Fanaticum is pretty much done, but the color on the staminoid was accurate. Today: I’m also trying to figure out how slippertalk works. :)
  12. Silvan

    Some plants in bloom in January :)

    While I’m at it.. here’s two more that bloomed back in late fall :) Paph. Prince Edward of York x vietnamense Paph. Lola Bird
  13. Silvan

    Some plants in bloom in January :)

    Paphiopedilum S.Gratrix Paphiopedilum Carmen Coll Paphiopedilum Chou-Yi Wench Paphiopedilum Fanaticum
  14. Silvan

    Cahaba Yellow Bird

    Gift from Russell. It took a few years to reach blooming size, like almost 5 years I think. But it’s very pleasant to look at and the flower is relatively big compared to it’s foliage so it’s a plus :) Cahaba Yellow bird is Phrag. Robert Palm x richteri Enjoy :) First or second flower...
  15. Silvan

    Paph. Wössner Wolke

    What a cutie!! I need one of these right now! :drool: :p
  16. Silvan


    Yes, it's: PAS0508 'Wide Petals' x 'Perfect Circle' :)
  17. Silvan


    I mostly grow Phrags and orchids that enjoys intermediate temps and tap water. As you can see from the white deposit on the bark chips, the emersonii doesn't seem to be bothered with salt built-up :p Actually, from the dark luscious leaves on my plant, I think that it loves the extra calcium...
  18. Silvan


    Good thing that the dorsal is meh. Otherwise I would have fainted for sure.. :p I took some measurements : the NS is a little over 13cm, the petals are 5cm wide (2") and the leaf span is 28cm (11"). It's a little fragrant, but you have to stick your nose in the flower to smell that faint rose+...
  19. Silvan

    Suzanne Decker

    We do have to experiment for ourselves to see what works and what doesn't :) Also, I mostly grow in rockwool and sphagnum moss, so amping the fert is not always a good idea for my plants. As for getting more flowers out of a Phrag, I find that the longer the new growth takes to mature, the more...
  20. Silvan

    Paph. hangianum 'First Class Charlie'

    I do have a 10-52-10 fert. that I use in spring when my plants start to show signs that the growing "season" has started for them in my basement :) Haven't used it on my hangianum, though. I was too afraid to shock it. I'm more confident now. Thanks for the tip, John. :)