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  1. SuperPaph

    Slow growing rust discolouration around base of Paph. kolopakingii

    Although climes are not similar, I think the way on which fungus develope are similar at all aroud the world. In my experience, and watching the kind of lessions this plant is showing, it looks to be a fungus, a dry fungus, that first kills the stome, and begin to "run" along a "line of cells"...
  2. SuperPaph

    Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh

    Dear friends Thank you for all comments. Yesterday the HCM has began to show whitered s first signs. Interesting the way it happens, in a simmetrical form. Here I post the picture, and maybe the other keeps healthy for more days.
  3. SuperPaph

    Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh

    Eleven days after the first flower opened, a new flower appears in the same stem. The first looks as the first day.
  4. SuperPaph

    Please, help with ID!!!!

    Hello friends Could anybody help me, please, with the ID of this Paph ?
  5. SuperPaph

    Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh

    Leslie, it is posible, as you say, the humedity be factor that decides the "flat" form in petals, because in this picture from your HCM, it is clear the potential it has for having wider petals.
  6. SuperPaph

    Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh

    When I got this plant, it was in bloom, I think by first time, and the flower had similar petals as Leslie´s HCM picture (in "dog-eared form", as you say). Here is the picture of the flower in that moment. Maybe the climate, as Leslie have said.
  7. SuperPaph

    Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh

    Friends, thank you very much for your comments!!! Leslie, the flower in your plant is excellent, glossy, with a very interesting dark pink. The small spots in dark pink near the pouch, give to the flower a very distintive fenotype in your HCM clone.
  8. SuperPaph

    Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh

    Dear friends, this is my first post on the forum, at the begining very dificult for me, but it has been possible with DrLeslie assistance and help. Thank you Leslie very much. This is the sixth day of this plant in flower, petals have some small scratches that formed more or less during the...
  9. SuperPaph

    P. Lady Isobel

    Guldal thank you for share your experience. Your Paph in bloom is beautiful. Have been trying to find Pokon 20 20 20 fertilizer through the web and it has been unsatisfactory. Do you have the link for buy it?
  10. SuperPaph

    Paph roth x Virgo

    Thank you for show it!!!!
  11. SuperPaph

    Hi Leslie, if possible could you please to communicate with me through E mail. If yes, send me...

    Hi Leslie, if possible could you please to communicate with me through E mail. If yes, send me the first please, this is my address. I am writing to you from Cuba. Thank you in advance. Alex
  12. SuperPaph

    How to prevent erwinia?

    I will keep this procedure in mind!!!!
  13. SuperPaph

    How to prevent erwinia?

    Erwinia usually appears in my collection during april-may, so I avoid it apling Phaysan, but if any plant surprises me with the typical dark spot, I apply Phyton quickly.
  14. SuperPaph

    Ho Chi Minh (made with dunkel delenatii)

    It is a beautiful flower. Congratulations. All looks like this form has a predisposition to "spots" when developing the flower. Actually my Ho-Chi-Ming is blooming, with two buds in the same stick, and some small brown spot have appeared. Avoiding a bigger damage, have "painted" them with Mancoceb.
  15. SuperPaph

    Paphiopedilum hookerae

  16. SuperPaph

    First Bloom Paphiopedilum niveum

    Very nice!!!!
  17. SuperPaph

    Brown spots on leaves

    Some years ago I had something similar in my Paph. Prime Child. Although the spot never was eliminated, the infection was controled using Mancoceb. (2 gr/L). Hope it be useful.
  18. SuperPaph

    Paph exul

    And this is other of my Paphiopedilum exul diferent clon
  19. SuperPaph

    Paph exul

    And I have this Paph as Paphiopedilum exul as well
  20. SuperPaph

    Paph exul