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  1. KateL

    Paph. Jacqueline’s Spring Moon ‘Pacific Heights’ AM/HOS

    HOS was founded in 1939 and established its judging system in 1951.
  2. KateL

    Paph. Jacqueline’s Spring Moon ‘Pacific Heights’ AM/HOS

    HOS is the Honolulu Orchid Society, which for decades has had its own judging system, which is similar, but not identical, to the AOS judging system. This particular clone was awarded on April 10, 2019. At that time, it had two flowers on two 17 cm tall inflorescences and a horizontal natural...
  3. KateL

    guess the mystery Paph in bud

    Fuzzy Wuzzy. 🙃 I am going with delenatii.
  4. KateL

    Phragmipedium Millbrook

    eBay is as good or as bad as the seller. Eric, I agree that it is often better to buy orchids directly from the grower, particularly if a question arises or a problem develops. By the time you know you have a problem, an eBay seller is, in essence, long gone. Case in point - I bought a...
  5. KateL

    Paph. Jacqueline’s Spring Moon ‘Pacific Heights’ AM/HOS

    Hi Rich, Pretty sure it was 2019, but it might have been the year before. Certainly not this year. Best, Kate
  6. KateL

    Phrag. Waunakee Sunset

    Nice wings and a healthy new growth. Time will sort the rest out. Enjoy!
  7. KateL

    paphiopedilum insigne var. sanderianum

    Striking dorsal!
  8. KateL

    Phrag. Acker’s Northstar

    Hi Bob, I have cut the spike because it is a first bloom on a young plant, but I would say it was an average size for a phrag with its heritage, which is made up of 50% besseae, 37.5% schlimii, and the remainder fischer - in other words, a smaller phrag. As the plant matures, I hope for...
  9. KateL

    Paphiopedilum parishii

    Very nice! I hope someday I can bloom one of these, too!
  10. KateL

    Phrag. Acker’s Northstar

    Hi Eric, It is CA636. Aloha, Kate
  11. KateL

    Phrag. Acker’s Northstar

    Hi Eric, Phrag. Acker’s Northstar is Inca Rose (besseae x Pink Panther) x Hanne Popow (besseae x schlimi), which of course makes it 50% besseae. I’ve been blooming out a bunch of these little pink crosses that Chuck Acker put out a couple years ago. The color contrast in the fenestrations of...
  12. KateL

    This is why we cannot have nice things...

    Hi Max, I admire your discipline, but lack the fortitude. Actually what I lack is a whole lot of mature plants. Most of mine are first or second bloomers, which need to be seen to be culled. I have been told that you need to bloom a phrag at least 3 times to assess its best qualities. Not true?
  13. KateL


    That’s a sweet one. I have a friend here in HNL, Dale M., who grows a lot of Nepenthes. I’ve tried a handful, but have not had much success, aka ☠.
  14. KateL

    Rhyncattleanthe Fu Shu Glory 'Happy Holiday'

    Interesting splash.
  15. KateL

    Rlc. Amy Wakasugi 'Madonna'

  16. KateL

    Phrag. warszewiczianum

    Yay! I am green with envy. 🤩 Beautiful.
  17. KateL

    Yet Another Magic Lantern

  18. KateL

    Phrag. Sherman's March 'Fox Valley' AM/AOS

    I heard they have old coots somewhere in CA.😇
  19. KateL

    Phrag. Sherman's March 'Fox Valley' AM/AOS

    That’s a keeper, Tom! I am amazed at how some of the besseae hybrids produce those rich red colors. Congrats.
  20. KateL

    Phrag. Laurie-Lei Quintal

    Interesting question, but no 🤡 Mr. PG.