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    Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum

    This is what we grow under this name. Leaves are different from coccineum and come close to charlesworthii.
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    Paphiopedilum coccineum

    No sorry, not in my greenhouse but in orchids and more nursery near Munich which I can recommend!
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    Paphiopedilum coccineum

    Is it already fully open? Here the more typical ones
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    New book from Olaf Gruss

    I am not quite sure about the book. There are many colour photographs, but some of the a rather poor. Many location pictures are too small to recognize anything. The distribution table starting on page 15 has many errors and omissions...... But it is an up to date discussion of all described...
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    insigne time

    Not really spotting, perhaps a faint hint. I also wonder, where all the masses of insigne have disappeared. It is not to difficult to grow here, summers outside in a tree, winter with minimums around 15°C
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    insigne time

    Insigne and var. sanderianum
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    Paph Villosum

    Looks very close to var. laichauense.
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    Paph. philippinense from Palawan island

    For another picture I have to wait for sinshine. The leaves are about 25 cm long and less than 2 cm broad.
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    Paph. philippinense from Palawan island

    This is a type from Palawan, close to the description of laevigatum.
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    Habenaria medusae x sib

    It is easy on a wondow sill
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    Stenoglottis longifolia

    I think, I can top this:
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    Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum

    I think it is.
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    Angraecum rutenbergianum and A. didieri

    In ORCHIDS of Juni 2017 Hermans writes about the group. Summarizing he says, that didierii is a species with a rather long stem and nowadays not? in culture! Your plants all seem to be rutenbergianum; but perhaps this is a complex with some species hiding behind that name...
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    Need some help identifying Cyp. reginae

    No Cypripedium, is some kind of Veratrum.
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    Need help identifying an orchid species from Costa Rica

    Camaridium (in former times part of Maxillaria) ?
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    Paphiopedilum exul

    Top plant and very well flowered!
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    Bellatulum album

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    New Paphiopedilum from China described

    Recently a new Chinese slipper, close to henryanum and herrmannii has been described: https://biotaxa.org/Phytotaxa/article/view/phytotaxa.406.5.2
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    Not Paphiopedilum urbanianum?

    I would also say hennisianum