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  1. Phaladdict

    Philippinense palawan album

    Yes is a miniature/compact plant, will uodate post with plant and all flower open
  2. Phaladdict

    Philippinense palawan album

    Almost there
  3. Phaladdict

    WARNING: German fraud on ebay 'plant_laboratory--eu'

    These are known scammers, stay away from them, dont send plant back you will never see your money, also Boscha is at home i have talked with him until today.
  4. Phaladdict

    Bulbophyllum wendlandianum

    Imdeed this year im keeping everything too dry, lost a few plants too, i barely cam stay on top if everuthing, time to downsize a bit
  5. Phaladdict

    Paph tonsum v. curtisifolium

    Looks like Braemii to me also, in any case nice one
  6. Phaladdict

    Bulbophyllum wendlandianum

    This year just two buds opened all the rest dried for some reason...
  7. Phaladdict

    Dendrobium bellatulum vietnam

    Pale type from Vietnam
  8. Phaladdict

    Cypripedium subtropicum

    Well the ones I'm talking about are located in Germany, at least one of the names is of Victoria calcagnile and Co. and they are real scammers really the worst i have ever seen because they sold fake of things thath cost real money even cahnii album once obviously fake
  9. Phaladdict

    Cypripedium subtropicum

    As far as i know Berthold is right, either with fungus, in original soil(with the fungus) or in a sterile container, do you have evidence of long term success In different conditions? The link does not work
  10. Phaladdict

    Cypripedium subtropicum

    Indeed thath is v. calcagnile and her husband, real hardcore scammers, be very careful
  11. Phaladdict

    Bulbophyllum mearnsii

    Is the biggest orchid genus and with pantropical distribuiton, I think will not end anytime soon, just last few months a bunch of species have been described....
  12. Phaladdict

    Bulbophyllum mearnsii

    Not so much of a stinker, just if you stick your nose in the flower some light fishy smell can be detected...
  13. Phaladdict

    How to prevent erwinia?

    I have to say thath to me erwinia happens almost every time I recieve new plants, from some vendors more than others... Then apart this it happens just once in a while but with new plants is starting to be a problem these days
  14. Phaladdict

    Bulbophyllum mearnsii

    Mearnsii season
  15. Phaladdict

    How to prevent erwinia?

    Mark, I'm Gianfranco, will send you some to try, it exist also in kg box for less then 40 euros
  16. Phaladdict

    How to prevent erwinia?

    I use bacillus subtilis and amyloliquefaciens, first one commercial name is serenade it works also against pseudomonas and other bacteria as well as fungi always as preventative
  17. Phaladdict

    Cattleya f.k.a. walkeriana fma. alba 'Pendentive' AM/AOS

    I agree with you with repotting everything but cattleya, cattleya can be a pain to repot: roots clinging everywhere, broken pots, roots on neighbor pots or attached to benches and all, very nice pendentive!
  18. Phaladdict

    Sophronitis cernua

    Very nice cernua, I also im using syntic, seems to dry very fast not really sphagnum like, how it perform for you?
  19. Phaladdict


    Can you show your exul album? As I recieved a few but are much smaller than expected and definitely expensive, just curious whath is around
  20. Phaladdict

    Phalaenopsis schilleriana

    Indeed leaved looks suspect, recall a bit sanderiana leaves, there are a lot of schilly dominated hybrids around sold as pure schilly (pink butterfly, purpurea, or 4 n usually tagged) we will see when it bloom