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  1. Guldal

    Paph Prohill

    OOCD? Orchid Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - the highlighting in the quote above is mine....what can I say, but: Quod erat demonstrandum! May I propose some training of response inhibition and anxiety tolerance! By the way: I'm not normally that fond of complex hybrids, but yours is a darn nice...
  2. Guldal

    Paphiopedilum charlesworthii ‘G’ x ‘Bear’ SM/TPS

    That flower certainly has WAUW-factor! :p :p :p
  3. Guldal

    C. trianae var. semi-alba flamea ‘Kathleen‘

    Love it! Please, send a division, either one of you! 😉
  4. Guldal

    Cat walkeriana

    Nice walker....and very well grown plant!
  5. Guldal

    Cattleya trianae concolor

    Very lovely, David!
  6. Guldal

    Six Paph. gratrixianum flowers in a 5 inch pot

    Very nice flowering, Mike! Well done... and good you didn't stalk them, but let us see their very nice natural stance and comportment! 👍
  7. Guldal

    Six Paph. gratrixianum flowers in a 5 inch pot

    You seem like a likely candidate for our next internet-meeting in OA (Orchioholics Anonymous)! "My name is Sherry ...." and the rest is history! 😁
  8. Guldal

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    You can with good conscience leave that to me....as a covid-me2-survivor of dubious moral standing, I guess, I would be granted a wee bit of leeway! ;) But still, there are limits, so I better keep my thoughts to myself, when it comes to the virus and my stranger than strange (sick)bedfellows...
  9. Guldal

    Paph. wardii var. album

    Gorgeous wardii fma alboviride! And if a first time (-ish) bloomer, it might approve in regard to size over time. I would be a very happy owner, if it was mine!
  10. Guldal

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    I'm just glad they don't discard of humans infected with covid-19 - and that I'm now afterwards supposed to have antibodies for at least the next six months... which should carry me through, untill my number is called up in the vaccine-queu! 😇
  11. Guldal

    Paph glaucophyllum 'Red' x self

    Please, add a close-up of the leaves
  12. Guldal

    Paphiopedilum villosum forma aureum 'Piping Rock' AM/AOS

    Looks sooooo good! :p :p :p
  13. Guldal

    Hello from London

    That's a good bid, too, I think...at least if you are situated in Great Brexitannia! They are closed for visitors at the moment due to Covid, though.
  14. Guldal

    Papa. rothschildianum

    Very nice display! Lovely Roth!
  15. Guldal

    Hello from London

    Hi Daniel, I'm very curious to see your greenhouse cabinet - and hopefully get some inspiration. I kind of have to get some more structure, when it comes to the growing areas of my plants, as they have a tendency to overflow my home as well as my work place! (I'm kind of the continental...
  16. Guldal

    I see spots...

    Gorgeous photos, great pics! Thx for sharing!
  17. Guldal

    Paph. Alex Szabo ‘Pure Gold’ x Hsinying Gold ‘Monarch’

    Can I do anything but echo Fibre? 😉
  18. Guldal

    Miscellaneous stuff

    I rest assured, David, that you by 'right' don't mean as in Breitbart or QAnon?! :cool:
  19. Guldal

    Hello from London

    There are a lot of people in here with quite some experience in growing under artificial light. I don't think, it would take you a lot of time to find some, that can help you out in this respect... However, I could steer you in the direction of two, thinking of it, and I'm sure they wouldn't...
  20. Guldal

    Miscellaneous stuff

    Nice li'll display from the subtropical living room in NYC. Well done, Eric! And we certainly can do with a bit of cheering up in "these distracted tymes"! :)