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  1. Happypaphy7

    Cuppy (peloric?) Brachypetalum hybrid

    It might just be a random hiccup. Bloom it one more time. And again. Then, you could see the trend and confirm if the mutation is stable. I once bought this dark magenta colored mini Phalaenopsis from a grocery store. Likely a pulcherria hybrid. All the flowers were in the shape of typical...
  2. Happypaphy7

    Some Complexs open at the mo

    Beautiful bunch!!
  3. Happypaphy7

    Paphiopedilum charlesworthii ‘G’ x ‘Bear’ SM/TPS

    Wow~ Very nice one!!
  4. Happypaphy7

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    Thanks for sharing this information. I love reading about stuff like this! I wonder if this kind of discovery and application would be done with orchids, though. Food crops are essential to humans for survival and also for economic value. Orchids are bred mostly for flowers and sold, done. I...
  5. Happypaphy7

    Roth growing advice

    The potting mix on my mutlis are about half organic and half inorganic, so it probably helped the mix withstand such a long period of time but I suspect the organic portion is half fermented by now. haha I meant to repot sooner like last year because I saw that the roots were packing the pot and...
  6. Happypaphy7

    Roth growing advice

    I'm no expert on multis and have no roth although I have successfully grown a few roth hybrids from seedling stage which are opening up their very first buds (Yay!!) and I have seen quite a few roth at shows and nurseries. The plant size and flower size varies widely. I would think yours is of...
  7. Happypaphy7

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    I think this is the best practice, and ideally if everyone did this, then, the prevalence of virus would be much reduced.
  8. Happypaphy7

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    Alright. I would love to know if the named two virus are present in the wild orchids.
  9. Happypaphy7

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    I realize that there are many different types of virus affecting orchids, but do you know if orchids (let's limit the topic to orchids, not tulips or other plants just for ease of discussion) collected from the wild came with either CymMV or ORSV?
  10. Happypaphy7

    Anyone growing Paphiopedilums in NZ Tree Fern Fibers Successfully?

    I'm quite happy with what I use for my plants, but curious about this potting medium and its use for Paphs.
  11. Happypaphy7


    If you fertilize them with product that contains calcium and magnesium, there really is no need to use lime stone in the potting mix.
  12. Happypaphy7

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    Back then, they did not know about virused. So, how would you tell jungle collected plants were already virused? expecially since many do not show any symptoms at all?
  13. Happypaphy7

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    So....are you going to use that flower to test for virus on this one or wait until the next growth matures? Even then, cutting a part of the only leaf on a plant like this would be difficult. Why not test this one now using the flower??
  14. Happypaphy7

    Wössner China Moon

    Thank you!
  15. Happypaphy7

    Tiny Bellatulum

    Thank you!
  16. Happypaphy7

    Paph In-Charm Topaz (Lisa x Davelle)

    I thought In-Charm Topaz was helenae x Pacific Shamrock? Or is this a sib cross of two In-Charm Topaz and those are the parents' clonal names in the parenthesis? I have (helenae x Olymipian Paradise) in bloom. It looks like a giant helenae flower (but green all throughout) on tea cup size...
  17. Happypaphy7

    Hangianum x Armeniacum

    I love it!!
  18. Happypaphy7


    These don't get darker. They always seem to open up the darkest they can be and the color only fades over time. The only thing I've ever seen where the color darkens are the armeniacum hybrids. They either open up intense yellow and stays that way, or opens up with some green hue and then the...
  19. Happypaphy7

    Hangianum x Armeniacum

    Good luck with yours! This plant is the largest one out of three I have bloomed so far, although the plant is not that big. The sibling plant to this one which is current in bud is a lot smaller. I'm looking forward to it!! hopefully as nice or better than this one!
  20. Happypaphy7

    Tiny Bellatulum

    I believe so. My first bellatulum had much larger flowers but the plant was also a lot bigger than this one.