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  1. Djthomp28

    Lycaste lasioglossa

    The fuzzy lips on this species is so interesting.
  2. Djthomp28

    Micranthum season has started

    Wonderful! I would love for micranthum season to come to my growing area. Any tips on blooming these?
  3. Djthomp28

    Coelogyne assamica

    This is particular plant likes to climb. So I don't think pot culture any kind works well for it. The mites are not a constant issue and were dealt with easily. My humidity is between 60-65% in my growing area. I am not too concerned. Now it just needs to keep growing and producing new roots...
  4. Djthomp28

    Coelogyne assamica

    I am thrilled to see this one blooming. It has been a challenge to keep it close to happy. This species is a climber so pot culture was difficult. Mounting and a spider mite attack set it back, but now it is progressing. Not the easiest to photograph.
  5. Djthomp28

    Phrag. besseae variation

    The cooler temps can really make a difference in these. Both blooms are lovely but the shape and color in January are stunning. Is this a first time bloomer? I am wondering if some of the shape changes are also influenced by maturity.
  6. Djthomp28

    Phragmipedium Raspberries N' Cream

    Thanks. It is a 2.5 or 3inch air cone pot. I can't remember which is correct. It's a very compact plant.
  7. Djthomp28

    Phragmipedium Raspberries N' Cream

    This hybrid really let's the fischeri shine through. The cross is Pink Panther x Barbara LeAnn.
  8. Djthomp28

    Phragmipedium Saint Ouen var. flavum

    Lovely color and shape!
  9. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum Wössner Goldegg

    After taking a few years off post division, my Paphiopedilum Wössner Goldegg (Pine Glow x armeniacum) is blooming. It still opening so I will post an update later. This time the spike is pretty compact maybe 6-8 inches.
  10. Djthomp28

    Paph. wardii var. album

    That is spectacular! I don't go too far out of my way to find alba forms of Paphs but this might be an exception!
  11. Djthomp28

    My First Fairieanum

    This is certainly a favorite species of mine. Please update us once it opens! Waiting can to so tough.
  12. Djthomp28

    Paph Chiu Hua Dancer

    Marvelous on all counts!
  13. Djthomp28

    Greetings from Denmark. Phragmipedium kovachii time....

    Welcome to the forum! Fantastic kovachii.
  14. Djthomp28

    C. trianae (good story too!)

    Lovely flower. great story!
  15. Djthomp28

    Paph Prohill

    I am also a fan.
  16. Djthomp28

    Six Paph. gratrixianum flowers in a 5 inch pot

    Wow! Great display. It always pays to listen to your orchids.
  17. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum

    So the staminode is indented but its minor compared to others.
  18. Djthomp28

    Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum

    This one bloomed faithful until I moved. Since then it bloomed once in 5 years. Last summer I grew it next to the Cattleya. I guess that did the trick. Hopefully this is repeatable.
  19. Djthomp28

    Eric Young

    Interesting idea on the container! I was wondering about that. Thanks
  20. Djthomp28

    Phrag. caudanum

    I have a large one that finally spiked only to blast 3 weeks into development. On the other hand I have a seedling from Windy Hill that is a single growth seedling that is spiking. I wish I knew why one seems so hesitate and the other bloomed early. Breeding and good genes I guess. I grow both...