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  1. blondie

    Paph. emersonii

    Very nice I have one of these in very low bud and seems to be very slow to progress
  2. blondie

    Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum

    Very nice I love the dorsal
  3. blondie

    Paph. insigne

    Lovely, I adore this species was my first ever one to grow
  4. blondie

    Hi saw your post have you, had a look at Elite Orchids you specialise in Slipper Orchids in the...

    Hi saw your post have you, had a look at Elite Orchids you specialise in Slipper Orchids in the Uk. Also check out the British Paphiopedilum Society we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have some great speackers, and have some great talks coming up through zoom.
  5. blondie

    Paphiopedilum (moquettianum x anitum)

    I love this type of breeding
  6. blondie

    Paph Species: Barbigerum and Fairrieanum

    Fantastic blooms.
  7. blondie

    Paph ciliolare

    Very nice a really lovely flower
  8. blondie

    Phrag. Jason Fischer 'Hot Vision' 4N

    Fantastic such intense colour
  9. blondie


    Very nice I have to wait till I can buy one
  10. blondie

    Phrag. pearcei

    It's a very nice flower one of my favourite species
  11. blondie

    Phragmipedilum Calurum

    Nice bloom
  12. blondie

    Phrag Cardinale ‘Wilcox’

    Such a gorgeous classic hybrid
  13. blondie

    Phrag. besseae fma. flavum ‘Broadwaters’ AM/AOS

    Very nice. Really nice colour to the bloom
  14. blondie

    Paph Magic Lantern

    Very nice lovely colour
  15. blondie

    Paphiopedilum violascens

    Very nice lovely bloom
  16. blondie

    Few more Paphis in autumn 2020

    Some very nice blooms there
  17. blondie

    Paphiopedilum Saiun ‘Glow Stick’

    Very nice bloom and lovely colour
  18. blondie

    Phrag ‘China Dragon’

    Very nice
  19. blondie

    Phragmipedium Memoria Mariza Rolando

    Very nice, my plant has yet to bloom
  20. blondie

    Paphiopedilum Badge Of Honor (Joe Hedrick x insigne fma sanderianum ‘Silver Creek’ HCC/AOS)

    I love everything about it the colour and shape