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  1. PaphMadMan

    Paph Green Horizon

    Makuli (Maudiae x sukhakulii) x philippinense
  2. PaphMadMan

    Odd Phrag Millbrook

    Damage by thrips or other pests in the bud might show up like this.
  3. PaphMadMan

    Cattleya labiata peloric

    Technically not peloric, since that means that a zygomorphic (bilateral symmetry) flower has become more actinomorphic (radial symmetry). Here the set of sepals have become less similar, so the flower has less radial symmetry, not more. Labelloid is correct for describing the lateral sepals...
  4. PaphMadMan

    Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel/Lady Isobel

    Registration corrections do happen. For years RHS had Bct. Little Mermaid listed as Little Marmaid, until they didn't. Mermaid was correct on the registration paperwork, but got mangled in RHS records.
  5. PaphMadMan

    Not Paphiopedilum urbanianum?

    The staminode looks right for henni, and such strongly reflexed petals would be very surprising in anything else, including henni hybrids. 2 species for the price of 1.
  6. PaphMadMan

    Encyclia vitellina

    Very nice. The small side-lobes suggest to me that this is the hybrid. They are from Prsothechea michuacana. Prosthechea vitellina never has more than a smooth bump there as far as I've seen. Lip color is too variable in both species to be a reliable indicator in a hybrid.
  7. PaphMadMan

    Question about a plant that only wants to proliferate

    Paph laevigatum is recognized as a synonym of Paph philippinense. There are some rather compact forms, and some plants can be reluctant to flower. Assuming it gets fairly typical care/conditions and a good fertilizer regularly, if it was my plant I would add eggshell or limestone to the mix...
  8. PaphMadMan

    Sign up for Flasks!! Buyers Wanted!!

    Well, I can't decide which of them I don't want, so I guess it is one of each...
  9. PaphMadMan

    Paph species

    I'd go with Paph coccineum.
  10. PaphMadMan

    Paph. curtisii longevity

    I remember seeing descriptions of Paph superbiens flowers lasting well over 4 months. They said they needed to dust off the flowers long before they faded.
  11. PaphMadMan

    Another new Paph

    The more the merrier...
  12. PaphMadMan

    The dreaded day has arrived!!! Flasks for sale

    I love this kind of cross. That's a very nice Mystic Isle, and a very-fairrieanum fairrienum. Could be fantastic. PM sent.
  13. PaphMadMan

    Psychopsiella limminghei

    A fascinating and attractive species. I'll read the blog post in more detail later, but I didn't see hybridization in the past as a possible explanation for the mis-matched relationship between nuclear and chloroplast DNA. A Trichopilia x Psychopsis (or their ancestral lines) cross would put...
  14. PaphMadMan

    Tsubotaara Melinda Marie

    Lovely. It takes a great deal from the Aganisia cyanea grandparent-on-both-sides, but it appears the form and texture is improved.
  15. PaphMadMan

    Correct temps for paph

    Australians, always exaggerating about how hot it gets...
  16. PaphMadMan

    Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum album(ish)

    There's album, and then there's album. A true albino has no red/brown pigment anywhere in the plant. It can't produce it. But a taxonomist could apply forma album to just about anything and as long as the flower was mostly without red/brown pigment the name would probably stick. A lovely...
  17. PaphMadMan

    Phragmipedium kovachii?

    11cm is small for Paph kovachii, but not impossibly small, especially if the flower didn't quite develop normally. It will be interesting to see the next flower.
  18. PaphMadMan

    Phragmipedium kovachii?

    The most helpful measurement would be the full width across the flower, often called natural spread - from the tip of one petal to the tip of the other. Just hold a ruler or tape measure up to the flower. It can be hard to be exact, just do your best. That measurement will say a lot about...
  19. PaphMadMan

    Phalaenopsis Taisuco Mickey

    Phal Taisuco Mickey - without the single quotes. There are several hundred Phal Taisuco Somethings, but none that is just Taisuco. No way to know if this one has a cultivar name. Most seem to look like this or tend toward (near) solid red-purples. Striking color contrast. Easy to see why...
  20. PaphMadMan

    Lucky Girl Orchids

    Lucky Girl Orchids is pupsi_dog on eBay. Both the quality and variety of offerings will be greatly missed.