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  1. bwester

    Welcome Back!!!

    yeah.. I was on top of that, Dot. :)
  2. bwester

    Welcome Back!!!

    For those of you that are wondering what happened.... we had a database crash on our server that led to a complete shutdown.... sad times for the slipper addicts out there (like me)
  3. bwester

    My avatar

    Candace's is still my fav thus far.
  4. bwester

    Welcome Back!!!

    Sorry about that folks, the database crashed for some reason and the server had to be restarted..... Crisis over.... I'm getting a much needed beer.
  5. bwester

    Phaelanopsis potting mixes

    i use a mud mix for phals
  6. bwester

    Bacterial Brown Spot -- Help

    its fine.... dont worry if it doesnt spread
  7. bwester

    Media for Paphiopedilum

    i use Terry's mix from Pine Ridge.... great stuff
  8. bwester

    Atlanta Show

    It was a great show. Nice meeting you Ed and Dave!!!
  9. bwester

    Mealybugs for S/H

    YES they do need malathion!!!! just a few mealies breed with just a few more mealies and soon after you have MEALY HELL!!!!!!!! They breed like bunnies, these demons!
  10. bwester

    Mealybugs for S/H

    malathion... malathion.
  11. bwester

    Power Battery Backup System

    I posted this a while back, i currently use it as an emergency backup for my exhaust fan and heater and get a few days of power from it. It comes with the auto-switching unit pre-wired for 120V and the 2 batteries shown. More batteries can be added to increase the backup time. All is pretty much...
  12. bwester

    Mealybugs for S/H

    **** that... Lance is the one saying its like water....
  13. bwester

    Mealybugs for S/H

    well, I'm a chemist.. So, Lance. I say we have a little "drink off" I'll take shots of tequila and you take shots of concentrated orthene. The first to die loses. Whatcha think???
  14. bwester

    Wildcatt Orchid Software Auction

    Thank you soooo much Candace. I'm pretty poor right now :(
  15. bwester

    Atlanta Show

    awesome! I was thinking of a Slippertalk lunch or something like that....
  16. bwester

    Mealybugs for S/H

    I'm gonna call bullshit on Orthene being safe to eat.....
  17. bwester

    Atlanta Show

    Anyone else going?
  18. bwester

    World War I, at my house

    just wear the right mask.....