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    Will anyone grow paph in such a strong light?

    On the contrary,,, catch the heat and limit light by having the net above the sheeting. Or out of the greenhouse if you don't need the heat. The sheeting will diffuse and spread the light. Basically the sheeting is now your source of light.
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    Paphiopedilum haynaldianum Album

    Looking great so far,,,
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    Mystic Isle

    Very nice and well grown.
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    Will anyone grow paph in such a strong light?

    I have a 60% black net and a 80% clear sheet placed about 10 ft ave above the plants. They are happy. Next year I will modify this so that I can roll out the net when overcast. The height of shade makes a lot of difference.
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    Paph. Michael Koopowitz

    Very nice dorsal. Good growing.
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    Paph. Magic Lantern 'Gunpowder Falls'

    Great color.
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    Paph. stonei “Prince” x “Queen”

    Great color and form of DS,,,is it first blooming?
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    Paphiopedilum Naive Saint

    Love it. Congrats!!!
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    Soaking before fertilizing?

    The insufficiency, in my experience was actually causing discolored leaf tips, which I thought I was overfeeding. It was actually deficiency. But I would like to emphasize that when you feed, you should also have other conditions satisfied, like light , temp and air exchange. I also find that...
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    Paph. Michael Koopowitz

    That is dark. Like it.
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    Soaking before fertilizing?

    This is feeding weekly but I water twice a week. Watering is only to re wet the potting so salt will not solidify. I flush with low ppm water before feeding again. To minimize salt, I use 100 ppm urea to make it 200 ppm total.
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    Soaking before fertilizing?

    I was feeding at 50 ppm N every time I water the growth was okay. Then I saw really good healthy plants then I wonder why mine are not like that. So I experimented with 10 healthy plants. I started 100 ppm N, I saw an immediate growth, leaves were widening and thicker. After 8 applications, I...
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    Paph. micranthum var. album

    Very nice and both well grown. Congrats
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    Can humidity levels be too high?

    Correction: "saturated air will stop transpiration"
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    Can humidity levels be too high?

    My take on this, when in closed environment, the water from plants leaves, potting and everywhere inside will evaporate (fan and high temp) and reaches saturation if there is no exchange of air that will absorb that moisture. This environment becomes really bad when the temp goes down in the...
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    Paph Vanda M. Pearman

    A multi growth now, keeping this for its tiny dots around the flower. Got this seedling a long time ago from SVO. I would get any primary with a bellatulum in it.
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    Paph. concolor var. striatum.

    So what is the real name for this plant? Thanks
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    Those are really dark veins and clear lines. Love it. Good growing too.
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    Paph. concolor var. striatum.

    Very nice. Thanks for posting the plant. I have one but not so sure about the size of leaves.
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    Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin

    The DS looks good. Enjoy the moment!!!