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    Habenaria ericmichelii

    yes, the gradation of the color is nice!
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    Aerides magnifica

    Beautiful, deep-color!
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    Habenaria quinqueseta

    I got this plant from Lee's Botanical Gardens about 3 years ago. As with many Habenaria, the flower structure is pretty cool. I've tried a couple of Habenaria (H. repens and H. floribunda) from Florida. They grow and flower ok for a couple seasons, but they don't seem to last for a long. Does...
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    Polystachya parva

    I got this from Afri Orchids last year, and wasn't sure it was going to make it. But it grew a little bit this spring/summer, and it made a little bit of flowers. It is a small plant (1" pseudobulbs), but I hope it will keep growing.
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    Aerangis punctata

    Leslie & Rich, I've had it for only 1 year, so I'm not sure if my condition is good for it. I just measured the light, and it was at 120 micromol/m^2/s, 12h light. Spiranthes, they come to the US 1-2 times a year. They come to Redland Orchid Show every year. They didn't come here this year due...
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    Aerangis punctata

    Yes, the leaves and roots are pretty cool. I'm not sure, I've had it only for 1 year. I think this is the second time blooming. I'm growing it at the cooler end of intermediate, moderate RH (65-80%), water it every other day in the summer, and twice a week in the winter, I haven't measured...
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    Aerangis punctata

    From Afri Orchids. It is an amazing species which produces a large flower for a small plant.
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    Angraecum rutenbergianum and A. didieri

    (Continued) Ad's flower is older, so the anther cap is a bit shrivelled, so I'm not sure if there is a difference in the shape. The angles are slightly different, but there may be slight difference in column shape. Ad seems to have side-lobes stretching down further. Ar Ad Ar Ad Ar has...
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    Angraecum rutenbergianum and A. didieri

    I got these two plants labelled as A. rutenbergianum (Ar) and A. didieri (Ad) from Madagascar Import of Louisiana Orchid Connection. I posted an earlier photos of this particular Ad in this thread. There are quite a few differences between these two plants. The differences of these two species...
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    Brassavola grandiflora

    It came from Andy's Orchids in 2017. This is the only Brassavola I have, so I can't compare it with B.nodosa, which is somewhat similar to this species. in addition to the flower size and leaf shape, Withner's book pointed out the difference in the column shape, and you can see the dissected...
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    Paphiopedilum philippinense

    Good point, Michael, I didn't notice that!
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    Mystacidium aliceae

    I didn't have enough space, so this one was just in a big rubber maid container with LED shop lights on the top. It is getting moved to a warmer growth tent, but here is the intermediate-cool growth area. I use just natural cooling, if it is too hot (rarely happens around here), I open the window.
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    Mystacidium venosum

    I got this from Afri Orchids. It is a fall-winter bloomer, but the plant recently died (and I forgot to take better photos), so I made a blog post from old photos. It was growing well, but it suddenly died for no good reason...
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    Mystacidium aliceae

    This is a tiny species and it is one of the smallest orchids which I have grown. The diameter of the flower is about 5mm. I got this 2 years ago, and there is one original leaf left, which is bigger. So it is probably still recovering from the import, and it might become bigger. It is from...
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    Mystacidium flanaganii

    You are right, I didn't think of it, but the shape is similar, but the flowers are much much smaller!
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    Mystacidium flanaganii

    I don't remember how long the flowers lasted (it bloomed around May 30, 2020, and I haven't gotten around posting it until now), but it was probably 1 week or so. I grow it at cool-end of intermediate. As I mentioned in the blog, Wodrich's book recommend 2 months of dry rest in the winter. I...
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    Mystacidium flanaganii

    I don't remember well, but I think it was scented at night. I might be confused with some others, but I vaguely remember that it was fresh grass/hay like smell.
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    Mystacidium flanaganii

    This plant is from Afri Orchids. Very small, but the color of flowers is nice. Link to my blog post.
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    Mystacidium braybonae

    This one came from Afri Orchids about 2 years ago. It has a fairly limited distribution and is only known from one mountain range located at the northern tip of South Africa. Link to my blog post about this species (not much additional info). Photos are from May 30, 2020.