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  1. Stone

    Potting media

    Do you use the same size gravel throughout the pot? Has your watering changed?
  2. Stone


    I don't know MW. I read they come from a couple of thousand meters so they may be able to tolerate normal intermediate. I'm not sure if that's true. Most Burmese orchids tend to be intermediate growers. Certainly not as hot as niveum and leucochilum and thianum. I have had them warm (18-30) so...
  3. Stone


    It was from one of the first flasks back in 2011.
  4. Stone


    The second of the seedlings to flower. This one has 3 new shoots on the way but both flowers have needed support. I hope this is not a regular feature of this species. Otherwise they have been good growers.
  5. Stone


    Thanks for the comments all. Here is what I did... Once the seedling is doing well and ready for a repot, you need to find a pot with drainage holes ONLY IN THE CENTER NOT THE SIDES. The reason for this is that -as you know - it puts out long underground suckers. Sometimes they come out sideways...
  6. Stone


    It's not the best form but it's still armeniacum. It's has taught me how to grow the species and the better clones are on the way. image upload site
  7. Stone

    C. walkeriana - Two Leaf Growths this Year

    Yes I think ''Deborah'' is from a selfing. It is almost identical but not quite. Mine is more elongated than Pendentive.
  8. Stone

    Phal philippinensis

  9. Stone

    C. walkeriana - Two Leaf Growths this Year

    I have a wild form of walkeriana which never throws 2 leaves. I don't know what that means. It could be a subspecies or something. All my others can throw 2 leaves from time to time. With pendentive and it's children it is very common. At least 50/50 for me.
  10. Stone

    C. walkeriana - Two Leaf Growths this Year

    That's interesting Paphman. I remain unconvinced. I trust the genetic sequencing as far as I can throw it. A few year back Xavier gave us some examples of supposed DNA relations between certain Paph species which were beyond ridiculous.!
  11. Stone


  12. Stone

    IPCC Critics

    A beautiful power plant. Australia needs at least 3 of these so we can bulldoze the wind turbines into the sea.
  13. Stone


    So does this mean that my ''superbiens'' alba is probably curtisii as well? It will flower soon I think.
  14. Stone

    Kocide instead of Phyton?

    I read an interesting article in an AU orchid mag where a chemist did experiments on reducing the toxicity of copper sprays by mixing it with lime. If I remember correctly ,he also did trial with dendrobium and found no toxicity problems when used this way. He advised not to let it drip onto the...
  15. Stone


    Beautiful vigorous plant.
  16. Stone


    I think it's a pretty nice one. Plant looks miserable because it suffered many indignities last summer. I selfed this one even though it might weaken or even kill the plant!...
  17. Stone

    2 Soph wittigianas

    I bought it as a cernua seedling. No idea of the history of it. Strangely, it often has 2 flowers per growth.
  18. Stone

    2 Soph wittigianas

    Yes same area and same way as cernua
  19. Stone

    2 Soph wittigianas

  20. Stone

    Paphiopedilum armeniacum and X micranthum

    I still have them.