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  1. tocarmar

    Any orchid shows in South Carolina?

    Yes!! it is like 20-30 minutes away!! We wanted to be close to the ocean!! :)( so I can go to the beach while the ole lady is at work!! :D:D)
  2. tocarmar


    Yes , to the sunblock! They actually make it for pets!! We don't use it on Spike, as he is an indoor cat. He is only outside for trips to the vet or PetSmart.
  3. tocarmar

    Any orchid shows in South Carolina?

    Yes, the few indoor & outside plants are coming with me..:D:D
  4. tocarmar


    Here are some updates of him now!! I'm waiting!! No more computer! Play with me!:) Here kitty! kitty! DAD!!
  5. tocarmar

    14,537 unread posts

    Dot, Yep!!! Clark, I will post updates on other thread!! :) Eric, PM me!!
  6. tocarmar

    Cypripedium acuale in-situ

    Very nice pics!! I have a few rescued ones that are doing real good. Hopefully they will come up this spring. I will be getting a couple of other species this spring for breeding, to add to the few I have now!!
  7. tocarmar

    14,537 unread posts

    Thanks all!!! :) :) Add another 2600 to that!!! LOL I am going through alot of them!
  8. tocarmar

    Any orchid shows in South Carolina?

    Hi all, I will be moving to/around Conway South Carolina in april/may. I found some information on events/shows there and would like to know if anyone lives in the area and knows of good shows and where the judging places are?
  9. tocarmar

    Cypripedium 2013

    Very Nice Hakone!! I wish your friend would send me the plants instead of the pics..
  10. tocarmar

    14,537 unread posts

    "Eric,A friend is interested in sugargliders. Welcome back, i hope all is well." That is good they are interested in them.. They are real cool pets.. If your friend lives in NYC they are illegal there!!! Thanks all!!! :) Im' still seeing DR's, everything is still there but meds are...
  11. tocarmar

    14,537 unread posts

    Hi All, I guess the forum has been busy!!! :) I hope everyone had a healthy & happy holiday season & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :) :)
  12. tocarmar

    Anyone heard from Tom Tocarmar

    Hi all, Sorry no notification yet!!!! :D:D Thank You All for the support!!!!!!!!!!!! :) As my health has not been up to par for me in the past months, I am still having some issues that keep from from doing most things that I have enjoyed over the years.. I hope everyone else has been doing...
  13. tocarmar


    :rollhappy: :rollhappy: :rollhappy: No not bald (yet)!!! Eric, I have another cat that constantly sheeds for a short hair. Spike is a good cat for people with allergies though.. Clark, I will post more pics soon!!
  14. tocarmar

    Greetings from A&P Orchids

    Welcome from New York!!
  15. tocarmar


    Thanks all!!! Dot, His body temp is naturally higher at 102. At night he is like a sleeping with a hot water bottle!! :) Ruth, He has so many facial expressions to choose from. Dido, Yes Rogaine would work!! :) Shiva, They are nice cats too!! Yes, alot of warm temps. He is...
  16. tocarmar


    This is his first photoshoot!!! :) He is a Sphynx cat, (hairless). He is my girlfriends new addition!!
  17. tocarmar

    How's the weather?

    It is sunny & 97.9 outside today. Possible chance of scattered showers tonight. 90s the next few days..
  18. tocarmar

    Plant Award ??

    I have a neofinetia falcata furan type in spike! :) I was wondering if there are any awards for this type?
  19. tocarmar

    Signs of Spring

    Here are a few pics of my yard today!!
  20. tocarmar

    Cyp. tissue culture

    I think Frasier farms are mostly seed raised, from their own breeding.