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  1. tomkalina

    Six Paph. gratrixianum flowers in a 5 inch pot

    Great display! Looks like you made the right move.
  2. tomkalina

    Phrag. besseae

    Can you take a photo under natural light ?
  3. tomkalina

    Phrag.longifolium album

    Very nice! That's a beautiful photo.
  4. tomkalina

    Schnauzer on the Hunt!

    Thought I'd update the Cruise saga. Here's a photo of his three daughters taken late last year. It was his first stud assignment, so very proud.
  5. tomkalina

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD #2'

    Not sure how you'd get there with COVID restrictions, but I'd advise going as soon as it's possible; the hikes aren't too strenuous for anyone in decent shape. The first trip I took about ten years ago was guided by Ecuagenera and it was excellent, especially since I was interested in seeing...
  6. tomkalina

    Mother and daughter - Sedenii + Cardinale

    Beautiful display of these colorful classics.
  7. tomkalina

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD #2'

    Standard 10 x 20 x 2 1/2 inches deep propagation trays with slotted bottoms for drainage. (See photo). I think most garden centers carry them, especially in the spring, or eBay. Haven't heard from Dennis in a long time; I assume he's still down in Ecuador?
  8. tomkalina

    Phrag. caudanum

    Phrag. caudatum is not the easiest Phrag. species to grow well for us either. Not sure why, but It's the reason we grow Phrag. humboldtii instead; they seem to be easier.
  9. tomkalina

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD #2'

    One of three original clones from Dennis D'alessandro back in the day. Another good example of tray culture for this species.
  10. tomkalina

    Phrag. besseae fma flavum 'Green Gold' HCC/AOS

    Even the flavum forms grow to be large plants with tray culture. A great way to grow them if you have the room.
  11. tomkalina

    Phrag. andreettae ('Fox Valley x self)

    Dar/ Brooks - We still have near blooming size Phrag. andreettae seedlings offered in our online store. They should flower in 6-12 months. (See photo)
  12. tomkalina

    Phragmipedium dalessandroi

    Not unusual to have a lighter colored pouch than petals for this species. (See photo of the Phrag. d'alessandroi 'Fox Valley' CHM-AOS clone attached.) Sometimes cooler temps during bud development will darker the pouch color.
  13. tomkalina

    Paph Shun Fa Golden

    Great color!
  14. tomkalina

    Phrag. andreettae ('Fox Valley x self)

    Nice flush of pink on this one. We've seen four or five now, and this clone has the most color.
  15. tomkalina

    Phrag. kovachii 'Littlefrog Magenta Princess'

    Nice. What's the leaf span?
  16. tomkalina

    Website Update

    www.foxvalleyorchids.com should get you to the current online catalog.
  17. tomkalina

    Iiiiiiii’m dreaming of a whiiiiiiiite (longifolium alba) Christmas!

    It's been rumoured for a long time. If it was true, you would thing there would have been seedlings available by now.
  18. tomkalina

    Website Update

    Here's the link. Glad to hear your plants are doing well! The Paph. armeniacum seedlings have been very popular.
  19. tomkalina

    Anyone else experiencing problems here?

    No problem here Ray. Maybe with your ISP or server?
  20. tomkalina

    Hi from the UK.

    Welcome back from the snowless Midwest. Always looked forward to your posts in the past.