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    Roth growing advice

    Yes, repot. I use the paph mix from orchid from repotme (seems fine for my Roth, but other paphs probably would prefer old formulation). Why not get a supplemental spot-light? (I’m fortunate to have south facing windows at home).
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    Hot growing Paphs

    multis philipinense, roth, stonei, sanderianum, etc and their hybrids (PEOY, MK, etc)
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    Slipper Orchids and marine aquariums

    What do you do to back up loss of electricity? Generator? And do use Apex Neptune controller systems?
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    Slipper Orchids and marine aquariums

    Hoping the Ritteri Anemone will move from the front of the glass?
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    Jason Fischer 4n update

    where is this from?
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    Hello from London

    What about the Eric Young Foundation on the Isle of Jersey?
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    Phalaenopsis FANGtastic Green Envy 'Judy Su' AM/AOS

    cool; where'd you get this from?
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

    are these "outdoors" all year round (I'm guessing they are in some coop/cage made of screening)?
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    Osmunda as Phrag media?

    But aren’t the caudatum type phrags semi-epiphytic?
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    Two ladies opening

    WSO just emailed a new price list- Sue Omeis ‘Black Canyon’ FCC/AOS (Saint’s Apprentice x Lynn Evans-Goldner) – 1 available. 6” pot BS Division $700
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    Fredclarkeara Desert Davison (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Melana Davison)

    What is the other catasetum(?)? And is judging in person or virtual?
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

    Thanks and happy new year. Have you heard anything about the new chameleons in madagascar (Scientists have rediscovered a chameleon in Madagascar last seen 100 years ago Are relatives of these already in the herp trade?
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    Paph Shun Fa Golden

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    Two ladies opening

    My recollection is WSO has several clones of Sue Omeis available, but price for division depends on size and the award given.
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    Diapherodes gigantea

    I can only imagine the headlines if one escapes in the summer. Move over snakeheads.
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    My aquaria

    Thanks. Hope these breed for you. When do you think the red shoulders will show up?
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    My aquaria

    Where are the angelfish from?
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    Phrag. kovachii 'Littlefrog Magenta Princess'

    Lovely. Plans for the pollen?
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    Merry Christmas!

    And Happy Festivus! (Anyone have any grievances?)