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  1. Paphluvr

    watering and tools

    2Gal. Poly pump sprayer. Long lasting, holds pressure longer than your little hand-held unit, easier to pump and relatively inexpensive. Picture for reference as to type only.
  2. Paphluvr

    My First Fairieanum

    Dorsal looks dark. It tends to be a consistant species, don't know that I've ever seen a really bad one. Also, it's one of my favorite Paphs. Congratulations!
  3. Paphluvr

    White Dendrobium hybrid

    Very nice and congratulations on the rebloom. I had one very much like this once, also from a big box store. The nobile dendrobiums put on a fantastic show when grown well and your new canes look great. I suppose it is also fragrant?
  4. Paphluvr

    Phrag. besseae

  5. Paphluvr

    Mother and daughter - Sedenii + Cardinale

    Both lovely and beautifully photographed. And I should know this, but which is which.
  6. Paphluvr

    Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg ( besseae x kovachii )

    Very nice flower. How large does the plant get?
  7. Paphluvr

    Rlc. Siam White 'The Best'

    I can surely understand why the clonal name is "The Best". Beautiful!
  8. Paphluvr

    Hangianum x Armeniacum

    We have a winner! Great color.
  9. Paphluvr

    Surprise visitor

    Like you, I thought the same. That's why I labeled the thread "Surprise Visitor".
  10. Paphluvr

    Cute little NOID Dendrobium

    I found this little guy at my local Kroger and couldn't resist bringing it home. I've only grown Dendrobium nobile hybrids before this. I must be doing something right though, it's put on three new canes since I got it. The blooming cane when I bought it was 5" tall, the newest is 7" and still...
  11. Paphluvr

    Surprise visitor

    I keep a feeder on my deck about 5' outside of my great room window, primarily to feed the local goldfinches. The other day a larger bird at the feeder caught my eye and I was surprised to see this woodpecker chowing down. It stuck around for almost 15 min. and wasn't to happy to share with the...
  12. Paphluvr

    Phrag. Eric Young hanger on

    My Phrag. Eric Young surprised me this year by holding two flowers for about a week before one dropped. In the past I've only seen a day or two overlap. I've never had a spike branch. Can they?
  13. Paphluvr

    Paph Green Horizon

    Do you know what the breeding is? I'm guessing wardii 'album' in there somewhere. Very nice!
  14. Paphluvr

    Paphiopedilum Jogjae

    Very colorful and distinct markings. Good to see, it's been a long time since I've had one of these in my collection.
  15. Paphluvr

    Paphiopedilum javanicum var floresianum

    Not sure of which I like best, the flower or the foliage.
  16. Paphluvr

    A couple of venustums and a near venustum

    They were taken with a Nikon Coolpix L15 compact digital. It seems to have very good macro and auto exposure capabilities. The only drawback is I can lock focus on a subject and then move off of it to compose the photo better, but the exposure is always based on the center of the frame (which is...
  17. Paphluvr

    Paph. delenatii

    Very nice. One of my favorite Paph. specie. How many growths? Delenatii will frequently bloom with two flowers/ spike on a mature plant.
  18. Paphluvr

    A couple of venustums and a near venustum

    Two views of my venustum 'album' taken a few days apart showing how much more the petals reflexed during that time. U The "near venustum" is Paph. Mystic Deception.u
  19. Paphluvr


    Agree with Ozpaph, nice color on this one.
  20. Paphluvr

    Paphiopedilum purpuratum

    Oh yea! They find them particularly tasty after fertilizing with fish emulsion. Oops.