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    Reluctant and Moody Tranlieanum

    so far to this point, none of the tranlienianum I growed ever rebloom , so the fact that you are blooming one is an accomplishment .
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    Jason Fischer 4n update

    interesting color for a Jason Fischer . I thought they are more red than this . Is the photo color true to the real color of the flowers in sunlight?
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    Phrag. kovachii 'Littlefrog Magenta Princess'

    The contrast color between purple and white is wonderful
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    What's mean of fma. Alba vs Album

    Sometimes peoples loosely designate album all the plants that lack other colors and patterns on normal flowers . However in reality, I believe the experts think they should be call green form or yellow form ??? Maybe some Slippertalk members can clarify this issue for us.
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    Degarmoara- yellow leaves

    years ago , I used this product, I used the recommendation water mixture dose and let all of my orchids sat (immerse all the root zone) in the mixture over night for 24 hrs, before flushing it with just water, 24 hrs later , the green color was obvious in just a day. Really shocking to see the...
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    selling a set of Paphiopedilum In Taiwan (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)

    I prefer to have all 4 of them going to one place, less work for me to pack and ship. However , if anyone who want just a particular volume , let me know . Once each of the volumes has someone wants it, I will consider breaking them apart .
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    selling a set of Paphiopedilum In Taiwan (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)

    here are samples of what contain inside vol 4: Award section, award growers' addresses & phones, hybrid sections, species section, nurseries ads at the end.
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    selling a set of Paphiopedilum In Taiwan (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)

    I am selling a set of Paphiopedilum books which I bought preowned from another orchidist a few years ago. If you are interested in getting them let me know . I think the older volumes are harder to find, here is the chance for someone to get all the 4 older volumes together. I love to sell...
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    If he is a singer now, peoples would call him Slim Checker

    A Youtube ad popped up in the middle of something I was watching on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/user/ChubbyCheckerVEVO Amazing, in the video back then, not one American had an ounce to spare , not only that Chubby Checker was pretty slim himself.
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    (Mostly) phrags on a rainy morning in Honolulu

    Amazing growing phrags. The renanthera or renanthera hybrids are great too
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    Leaf markings

    My thought is nothing in this world whether animals or plants which do not have virus or bacteria in them, it just some virus & bacteria are deleterious and show obvious symptom while others are either contribute to the health of the hosts or neutral.
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    Marlow Orchids closing...

    I thought Jonathan Jones was the co-owner or new owner, and Jim Marlow either part owner or he retained the consultant position? perhaps they still shipping online & phone order ? The website is still on https://www.marlowsorchids.com/ info@marlowsorchids.com
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    Crazy shipping again

    Clearly, USPS needs some infuse money from the government to help them function better, I check the tracking today, it is worse , the package again show another day of repeating travels , "departed" and "arrived" inside Saint Louis MO distribution center. Either someone at that distribution...
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    Crazy shipping again

    There was a Vietnamese TRẠNG TRÌNH NGUYỄN BỈNH KHIÊM , a contemporary of Nostradamus, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nguy%E1%BB%85n_B%E1%BB%89nh_Khi%C3%AAm who also left many prophetic poems approximately 500 years ago which seems to match the current time events quite nicely . The vietnamese...
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    Crazy shipping again

    Well, so this time I bought some herb plants from Fragrant Fields in Jackson, Missouri, the lady sent them out priority mail. There is a very funny part that the package playing hide and seek inside the Saint Louis MO Distribution center for three day, why would you say in transit to the next...
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    Crazy shipping again

    here is how it went: Kearny, New Jersey (Monday) Jersey city, New Jersey (Tuesday & Wednesday) Hudson, Ohio (Wednesday) Chicago, Illinois (Wednesday & Thursday) Northampton, Pennsylvania (Thursday & Friday) Dayton, New Jersey (Friday) Old Bridge , New Jersey (Friday)
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    One pouch is not enough

    check out this phrag from Waldor still listed on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Paph-Lynleigh-Koopowitz-Peloric-Paphiopedilum-Orchid-Plant/154069940503?hash=item23df48b917:g:v4oAAOSwyedfTrC7
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    A tetraploid? Fritz.

    were those kovachii "Teroso Morado" & "Sweet Valentine" spontaneously came out 4N from flasks even without colchicine treatment? My other question is that nature must sometimes produce 4N by chance, correct?
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    A tetraploid? Fritz.

    could a tetraploid phrag kovachii occur in nature?
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    Crazy shipping again

    I thought about it but did not ask the seller, however this is an Ebay seller, not a store, so sometimes people may not want to have buyers go to their houses, especially during Covid situation .