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    Paph Chiu Hua Dancer

    very consistent hybrid, always a beauty!! congrats
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

    I love all chameleons except veiled... do you keep him in your greenhouse? he looks very big & wise...lol..
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    Reluctant and Moody Tranlieanum

    maybe a cal/mag boost..
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    Growing in Tampa

    lucky you!! nice plants!!
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

    he is a great species!! is he a montane?
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    Phrag.longifolium album

    for some reason I saw longifolium as gigantifolium.....uugghh.. I'm an idiot...nice longifolium!!
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    Hot growing Paphs

    brachypetalums will grow best in extreme heat
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    Paph. Saint Swithin

    keep it thick, don't split it, good job!!! a keeper!!
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    paphiopedilum Sirita Magray

    and a good one!!
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

    awesome!!! good to see there are others with these colorful beauties!! yours look healthy!! I also have dendrobiums in my vivs....and cattleyas....hoyas & bulbophyllums...I don't have any angraecums, but they live in the chams habitat
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

    thanks!! I have a few that are friendly... each one has their own personality... the females are more friendly...usually
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

    I heard!! calumma mini chameleon family species...so small and colorful... madagascar shut it's borders to export to preserve the forests!!! which I am very thankful for....so it will be quite a while before these species will be captive bred...
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    Some of my ambilobe chameleons

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    Paph. Mount Toro

    a keeper!!
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    Fairrieanum ‘Geishas of Japan’

    dave sarkowsky had a bunch of these a while back...reminds me of christmas candy looking at it from a distance....such a great flower!! is it flies that pollinate this one?
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    Root Structure P. armeniacum

    what you are doing is very good, don't forget to use a balanced fertilizer..I use 1/2 - 1/4 inch limestone chunks with expanded glass with some orchiata for my parvis & brachy potting mix and fertilize with acidic solution 5.0 cal mag 15-5-15 with good success.. I use r.o. to fertilize with...
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    Paph Stone Praetorian

    thats a great outcome!! perhaps on a bigger plant will produce more flowers..... the tall stonei infourescence is a special++++
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    Root Structure P. armeniacum

    Good job it's a healthy plant!!
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    Iiiiiiii’m dreaming of a whiiiiiiiite (longifolium alba) Christmas!

    Nice!! I've been dreaming of a white alba roth....christmas... Lol..
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    Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum

    very nice!! I like it better than villosum