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  1. bulolo

    Crazy appletonianum

    First flower to open
  2. bulolo

    Paph Hsinying Citron crossed with Hsinying Citron

    Hi everyone, I have a hybrid that the tag says Paph. Hsinying Citron #14 crossed with Hsinying Citron #1 does that make it Hsinying Citron? Or do you think it's registered under another name? I couldn't make head or tails of it. Can anyone help?
  3. bulolo

    Paph purpuratum

    It's a first bloom seedling. I have two more siblings from a small compot and they are about twice the size of this one. I guess this one wanted to be first!! LOL!😃
  4. bulolo

    Paph tranlienianum 'Jake Scarbo' AM/AOS

    The plant has about a 4” to 5” leaf span. About the same size as my henryanums.
  5. bulolo

    Paph tranlienianum 'Jake Scarbo' AM/AOS

    Great! You’ll really like the flower color!
  6. bulolo

    Paph Takao Shimada

    Spring Tree x Challow
  7. bulolo

    Paph Golden Emperor x White Knight

  8. bulolo

    Paph Lara's Gift

    Gigi x Amandahill
  9. bulolo

    Paph Icy Icy Wind

    Ice Castle x Stone Lovely
  10. bulolo

    Paph Doctor Brian Edwards In Charm

    Pinocchio x In Charm White
  11. bulolo

    Paph richardianum

    I purchased it from a seller on ebay unfortunately the tag does not have any parentage listed just the species.
  12. bulolo

    Paph purpuratum

    It is so cute given the small size of the plant just 3 to 4" leaf span. I don't want it to grow larger! Lol!
  13. bulolo

    Paph Jade Dragon

    It's been open for a few days. It hasn't looked like it has expanded any more but I'll keep watch. I've been reluctant to purchase this hybrid because of the "dogs" I've seen but am quite happy with it.
  14. bulolo

    Paph. rothschildianum T.L. X P.T.

    Nice! So there is hope!
  15. bulolo

    Paph tranlienianum 'Jake Scarbo' AM/AOS

    This is a division of a CCE/AOS I purchased from David Bird who got the award. I think he told me too that this is the only division he let go but that was a couple of years ago. It has a second bud but appears it's stuck in the center of the fan.
  16. bulolo

    Paph Jade Dragon

    First bloom seedling. I like the spots on the top of the pouch
  17. bulolo

    Paph purpuratum

    First bloom on a small plant
  18. bulolo

    Paph. rothschildianum T.L. X P.T.

    Thanks for the responses. I figured that the quality may be poor due to the price I got it at. I haven't bloomed a roth in years. Time will tell.
  19. bulolo

    Paph richardianum

    Colorful compared to another I've bloomed
  20. bulolo

    Paph. rothschildianum T.L. X P.T.

    Does anyone know what initials T.L. and P.T. stand for in this cross?