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  1. monocotman

    Greetings From DC

    Welcome from Cambridge Uk. Lots of knowledgeable people here who are past the point of no return vis a vis orchids! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s a good way to kill fewer plants, David
  2. monocotman

    C. tenebrosa

    Beautiful flowers! David
  3. monocotman

    Phragmipedium Peruflora's Spirit (3N)

    Very nice. How big is it? David
  4. monocotman

    Phragmipedium besseae

    That is a keeper! Well done, David
  5. monocotman

    Phragmipedium Ecugenera Dream

    Love it. Very nice. I keep looking at one on European eBay but have yet to commit, David
  6. monocotman

    Paph druryi

    Lovely! I’ve read on this forum that they do well if treated more like a cattleya and grown in a free draining mix with lots of light and allowed to dry between waterings. Not sure how true this is, David
  7. monocotman

    Odd Phrag Millbrook

    Maybe cut off the deformed flower to encourage another bud.
  8. monocotman

    Laelia lundii

    Wow that is quite some growth!
  9. monocotman

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball 'Russ'

    Nice! What is the flower span? David
  10. monocotman

    Odd Phrag Millbrook

    Check the second flower!
  11. monocotman

    C. tenebrosa 'Rainforest'

    Very beautiful! David
  12. monocotman

    Odd Phrag Millbrook

    Was the developing bud sprayed at any time? I would wait to send what the second flower looks like. Is this the first time this plant has flowered?
  13. monocotman

    The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants

    Southernbelle, the issue of polypoids in meristem culture is interesting. I remember in one of the cattleya forum talks on YouTube, one of the speakers spent time looking for them in populations produced from tissue culture. He looked for plants that were slower growing and smaller than their...
  14. monocotman


    Those are long! david
  15. monocotman

    A couple of triploid Fritz’s.

    It is bigger than the other clone, maybe by 1 cm, it’s 12cm plus.
  16. monocotman

    Cattleya labiata peloric

    I cannot open the photo, I just see a black screen. I can see the thumbnail. Interesting clone, David
  17. monocotman

    Cattleya percivaliana fm. semi-concolor ‘Corona’

    looking forward to it! For those cattleya nerds with an interest in the species dowiana, here is an interesting paper with some lovely photos to lust after. https://www.academia.edu/24627773/A_new_form_of_Cattleya_dowiana_and_the_taxonomy_of_its_color_variations?email_work_card=title
  18. monocotman

    A couple of triploid Fritz’s.

    Terry, according to Popow he was selling tetraploid Fritz last autumn, probably by using this method. His web site showed some plants with excellent blooms. I bought one and flowered it in the summer, it’s the one with the purplish flowers. They were big but the petals reflex after a time. The...
  19. monocotman

    Cattleya percivaliana fm. semi-concolor ‘Corona’

    Of course! I was looking at one this morning on Helmar’s list. I lost my percivalliana ‘summit’ to rot earlier this year, it was the first species to succumb to rot. I have a small percivalliana alba ‘Oro blanco’ in low bud so I still have one! But I only have room for so many catts and there...
  20. monocotman

    Cattleya percivaliana fm. semi-concolor ‘Corona’

    that is a lovely percivalliana clone! Guldal, as usual your English is absolutely correct!