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    Paph. godefroyae var. ang-thong

    Paph. godefroyae originates from the Bird's Nest Islands off the coast of Chumphon in the Gulf of Siam. P. niveum comes from the other side of the Tenasserim Range so there is zero possibility of a hybrid between the two species from ever occurring. "Koh Ang Thong" is an important island...
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    Complete root ball rot

    Orchid mycorrhizae work both ways; sometimes it's the fungus that kills the 'host' rather than vice versa.
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    Complete root ball rot

    First of all you are watering the plant way too much; ambient humidity in HK is more than sufficient for you to forego watering for weeks although I do not recommend that. I visited a grower there who grew his paphs on slabs and they were very healthy. Secondly, is there any artificial air...
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    Please help what is this? Pest or fungal?

    Well, I still do not know what the problem actually is since you give no specific description of it. Fortunately, what i thought was your problem is NOT what I thought it might be. Forget my response.
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    Please help what is this? Pest or fungal?

    Please post a good photo that shows the problem clearly. Give details. Describe spot in detail. Are there more spots? How long has it been evident? Are there more spots / lesions on any other plants? Has the plant shown signs of sudden poor health? What is the plant? This could be...
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    Paph glaucophyllum

    This group of species is to be forever mis-identified unless and until you are looking at a clone known to have positively come directly from the jungle habitat and not just from the habitat country. Additionally you must observe both the flower as well as it's plant to make a correct...
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    Paph. wilhelminae

    Looks like P. wilhelminiae to me, John, but without seeing the plant or without knowing the history it could be anything. Need much more info.
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    Problem with dollgoldii

    Give the -plant to someone else, Troy, today. Everyone here seems to be forgetting one of the most important rules for orchid culture: "The main reason plants (orchids) fail to flower is the absence of differentials between daytime and nighttime temperatures, summer to winter, of about...
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    Another try with Paph.canhii "fruit"

    Yes, in making hundreds of selfings of orchid species and hybrids I have found that separate clones will almost always produce viable seeds while same pollen placed on stigmatic surface of same plant seldom will. This is particularly so with paphiopedilums, but also with many other genera...
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    Another try with Paph.canhii "fruit"

    This seed pod does not appear to have made a successful fertilization; it is only slightly swollen. It should be almost double in circumference. Since it is 14 months old I suggest to do a green-pod sowing now, but I do not think you will find mature seeds inside. Instead, I suggest you use...
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    Paphiopedilum canhii article by Averyanov et al. 2014

    wanted to add this: Secundo: P.S. In my opinion, the ONLY conclusion that would go toward solving the native-population "problem" of slash-and-burn is education. In my out-of-print book, The Last Orchid Hunter I discuss the idea of, "Schools for Humanity. I think you might agree with it...
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    Paphiopedilum canhii article by Averyanov et al. 2014

    Naoki, Do not assume you know much about me or my knowledge. I do not assume anything about you other than from this conversation. You did say you read my book,… which book? And precisely, WHAT did you learn from reading it? I think this is a critical issue since it will tell me quite a...
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    Paphiopedilum canhii article by Averyanov et al. 2014

    The subject Naoki, is over-collecting of orchid plants. Your introduction of irrelevant (animal-based, diseases issues, joint exercises, social, cultural, etc.) theoretical equivalents are not productive in this discussion. I do not think you have fully understood the meanings of my...
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    Paphiopedilum canhii article by Averyanov et al. 2014

    It is not possible to eradicate a species of plant while in its native habitat. It is not, ’pretty difficult,’… man himself simply can not do it! But if it’s so easy to grow them why are most of the questions on this forum about ‘how to grow’ them? Most growers eventually kill their orchids...
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    Paphiopedilum canhii article by Averyanov et al. 2014

    It is not possible to eliminate any species of orchid regardless of what some people think unless it is from a small, very remote island area. "Experts" who declare it is so have just not spent enough time looking for remnants or survivors of collected areas. I know, I've been there. I have...
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    Orchid adventure eBook - Free for 30 days

    New Web site, new eBooks, new Episodes in .pdf and .ePUB formats with more episodes coming. See: The Last Orchid Hunter page to download files. Also, the 2nd edition Paphiopedilum Grower's Manual is still largely discounted until end of June. Additional articles and elements will...
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    Paph. esquirolei

    This species normally takes 3 years from new growth to flowering. Be certain to give rest 2-3 months in winter; little water and 15-20°F. temp differential summer to winter nights. Do not pinch 'blind' sheaths; they're NOT blind.
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    Mealybugs in seedling compot...

    Silly question. Go buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol and hand sprayer, Spray leaves top and bottom, especially in the crotch. Drench mix with alcohol, wait 10 -15 minutes then wash with plain water. To ensure they do not return you must repot; I'd say those seedlings should go in separate...
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    Paphiopedilum sangii

    Finally, ...... someone who understands how to take a proper photograph of an orchid flower. Evergreen, your photos are superb. Thank you and congratulations !
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    Deal: Cribb's book

    Tom, I seldom disagree with you but your comments about Dr. Fowlie smoking are not accurate. Jack never smoked a cigarette in his life. Angela, and others, Brisk air movement is the key to successful orchid culture. You should re-read that chapter in my grower's manual(s). BTW...