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  1. TADD

    Wow still rockin!

    Hey Guys, Well I have been on and off for quite awhile. I am Tadd, it is good to see many of you 'older' folks are still active, and looks like many great new contributors. I have been very busy with life and such. I still have a small collection, and continue to add to it when I fancy...
  2. TADD

    Paph Fancy This

    Here is my Paph Fancy This, it is an Sgratrix hybrid. It is a single growth I have seen two flowers on one spike on the mother plant. Hope this one continues to grow.
  3. TADD

    Neofinetia Falcata

    Bought this neo a few years ago it has shorter and stockier leaves almost a bean leaf style. It is mounted on cork.
  4. TADD

    Ounami Seiki

    Bought this from Andy's few years ago as Ounami Sekai, I have since gotten a few other varieties of ounami sekai, and feel this isn't the actual variety that was sold to me. Ounami Sekai has a bit more of a curved ocean wave type leaves. This plant is mounted on a Cypress knee.
  5. TADD

    Masdie Tom Nasser

    I am quite suprised at how big and pretty it really is.... It is not my plant, I think this divison has been awarded previously.
  6. TADD

    Paph Chief Eagle

    My additon to the compex papth.... I recently purchased a divison of this plant and am blown away by how nice it really is. Can anyone with one of those award programs see if this has been awarded before? Thanks for looking! The cross is (Burleigh Mohur x Hellas) named by Hanes in 1979.
  7. TADD

    Number Tag System????

    Hey Does anyone remember a conversation we had about a vendor that used all number instead of names on their tags? Was is A&P???? I have a tag that is for a complex paph and it reads PA 8998 handwritten with pencil.... I hate that! Thanks!
  8. TADD

    Like a Hole in the Head

    I am on a quest, not that I can really afford it right now.... I am currently searching for brachy x maudiae hybrids....You know how that paph bug goes.... I was perusing some old threads and came across some of Ross's Impulse x leuco plants and was hoping to find some more varieties...
  9. TADD

    Paph Irish Eyes ' R Smilin'

    This is a friends, I wish it was mine.....
  10. TADD

    Paph Tropical Magic

    Ross sent this to me last year and it is currently blooming, I like it.... Thanks Ross!
  11. TADD

    Paph fairrieanum v. nigrescens

    Supposedly.... Not very dark..... Still a keeper!
  12. TADD

    Paph boxalli

    Hey Guys, here is a picture of my paph boxalli that I took earleir in October, just never got around to upload it. Flower: Whole Plant:
  13. TADD

    Economic Bail Out Package (Phrag Style)

    My Fellow Americans, We have see the destruction of our current financial markets. I however have decided that in these times of great need we the people still have the urge to buy plants. We need to stimulate this market with spenidng... Yes even if you are Joe the phlumber, or Ottie the...
  14. TADD

    My CP Bog Containers

    Hey Guys, One of my current fascinations is carnivorous plants mainly outdoor temperate plants. I have recently started growing them as in this year and enjoy them profusely. I like the fact that they can be grown outdoors in full sun also. I grow these plants in containers that have...
  15. TADD

    Not a fairrieanum.... I know....

    Hey Guys, I feel almost like a traitor. Remmber when you first got into collecting orchids and you went on buying spree buying anything you could? Well this one has somehow managed to stay in my collection and has finally bloomed after 5 years. First bloom seedling with an amazing fragrance...
  16. TADD

    A few NEOS....

    Yup you guessed it I am broke..... The only other option would be to post naked photos of my wife on the net, but I tried to compromise and make her happy. I know there has been a little craze here lately, so let me be your pusher... I am putting a few of my little pieces of neos up for...
  17. TADD

    Phrag Olaf Gruss v. Flavum

    3 available - Two Seedling compots -$10.00 a piece (compot that is) I recently recieved these from Mr. Acker, they are from his program to create the flavum form of Olaf Gruss. They have nice roots and are doing quite well. Shipping will be seperate and will be the exact cost of shipping...
  18. TADD

    Paphreek ROCKS!!!!

    Hey Guys, I just got my order from Ross - the flask of Sgratrix x fairrieanum, they arrived in perfect condition. The seedlings are robust and very healthy... Now I just have to keep them alive! He also threw in two awesome freebies. I know some of you hate freebies, but I love 'em. I...
  19. TADD

    Goc Rocks!

    I meant to do this earlier, my plants came in from Mr. Gore, and are fabulous. I will have to take some photos eventually. Great packaging, great communication.... Thanks Matt!
  20. TADD

    Phrag Jason Fischer x Beauport

    Linda Thorne of Seagroves Orchids was our guest speaker today. She brought a few really nice plants. I got this phrag with only about 11 growths for cheap! She also had a boisserianum x besseae that I almost got instead... But I succumbed to the red!