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  1. Roy

    Aerides magnifica (pink form) x 2

    My 2 plants of this Aerides in flower now. Rightly named also, magnifica. Aer. magnifica #1 by WEST VIC, on Flickr Aer. magnifica #2 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  2. Roy

    Paph villosum

    I bought this in Feb' last year. Seller bought an expensive flask supposedly of the var' annamense. Clearly not but that didn't matter to me. The plant put a lot into growth & this one & only flower could have been better but next time multiple flowers hopefully. 20190602_114447 by WEST VIC, on...
  3. Roy

    C. Rosella's Little Angel 'Waringah'

    Had to post this, I hope members like it. 20190202_164034 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  4. Roy

    Wossner Tigerprim

    1st pic is the new plant to flower. Already flowered when purchased but flower not seen by me. 2nd one is the seedling of the cross I bought, posted again for comparison. Colour of 1st pic not great, sorry. 20190128_130703 by WEST VIC, on Flickr 20190128_130749 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  5. Roy

    Paph. Wossner Tigerprim

    This is a 1st flowering seedling. I bought the plant back in Sept '18, not thinking it would flower. I have a much larger plant in bud, already flowered but I don't know what it looks like. 20190114_202002 by WEST VIC, on Flickr 20190114_200918 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  6. Roy

    C. tigrina

    A 1st flowering seedling, one I might just have to hold onto for a few more flowerings. 20190107_102042 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  7. Roy

    Aerides odorata

    Love the Aerides, this species always flowers well & regularly for me. 20190107_101251 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  8. Roy

    V. Bangsai Queen 'Cerise Royal'

    Have been informed that this is a very difficult or reluctant flowerer. Yes it is, can verify that. Atleast I've succeeded. 20181231_135007 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  9. Roy

    Den. lindleyi

    Looking nice, finally mastered it's flowering I think, getting better anyway. 20181231_134740 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  10. Roy

    Enanthleya Burderkin Surprise 'Burdekin'

    Decided to post this just for its look. Flowers open a rich emerald green then turn to this on maturity. 20181207_101338 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  11. Roy

    C. Canhamiana coerulea 'Azure Skies'

    Never flowered this plant before, rather pleased with it. Colour is lovely. 20181126_165326 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  12. Roy

    Miltoniopsis Breathless 'Florence'

    Used to grow these a lot, even had one awarded. Started seeing them make a return to shows in the last couple of years so I added to my already over stocked orchid house a while ago. I have one with 5 spikes that is a long way off. 46423666_2022890661107756_2025922634570530816_n[1] by WEST...
  13. Roy

    Wossner Tigerprim.

    Wossner Tigerprim = tigrinum x primulinum Bought a couple of plants of this cross recently. Haven't seen many pics of the cross at all. The grow I bought the plants from had this at a Summer Show this past weekend. 20181102_203628 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  14. Roy

    Paph. Laketta x Mem. Barbara Francis

    This was placed on the sales table at a Spring Show last weekend. Something in me said "buy it" even though my Paph collection has dwindled over the last few years. I actually bought 3 Paphs for the weekend. Others in bud but some time away. 20181003_105542 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  15. Roy

    Ctt. Deception Drop x 2

    2 x 1st flowering seedlings which I think I'll be flowering a few times more. 20180325_174220 by WEST VIC, on Flickr 20180328_141736 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  16. Roy

    Rlc. Tainan City 'General'

    Oldie but goodie. Not every plant of this flowers this well, why I don't know. Used it in breeding last year, pod looked good. 20180405_115708 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  17. Roy

    P. villosum var. annamense

    Well, as a surprise to myself & probably others I'm posting a Paph in flower. I bought it in bud a short while ago because of its somewhat rarity. My collection is starting to get going again so hopefully I will be able to post Paphs & Phrags again. 20180405_115157 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  18. Roy

    Rth. Burgundy Beauty

    A 1st flowering seedling. I now have 4 of these that look very similar & are of similar qualities. Still can't get the depth of colour correct. 20171102_110933 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  19. Roy

    Sartylis Blue Knob

    Flowering again, never ceases to please. 20171028_153703 by WEST VIC, on Flickr
  20. Roy

    Den. aberans

    1st flowering seedling of this plant. Nice species. Comparison of flower size, my thumb & fingers. 20171018_141602 by WEST VIC, on Flickr