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    Protocol when someone sells you an original awarded plant

    As noted above- the original plastic tag that gets affixed to the plant was what I really wanted in terms of originals, and got that and so all is well. But I was curious if it was customary for the other documentation to come along (in original form) with regards to quality awards since they...
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    Protocol when someone sells you an original awarded plant

    Thanks everyone. At the end of the day, I got the plastic plant tag- which was what I most wanted all along- and it turned out was mine all the time. There was some confusion in what each of us was calling the paperwork. The certificate would have been nice, but a copy is fine for me. Glad I...
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    How Expensive can Paphs get, and what drives the price up?

    I am not sure about Hilo Lip specifically, but yes as a whole Benlate wiped out several key breeders and many generations of breeding stock. Terrible, terrible mess. Change was already in the air since at that time Hawaiian and Far Eastern growers were actively growing the orchid pot plant...
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    Protocol when someone sells you an original awarded plant

    Whole original mother plant. Arrived today with tag and all is well.
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    How Expensive can Paphs get, and what drives the price up?

    I have also been doing a lot of digging on the older Phals because that is the direction I am headed as I plan out expanding the orchid collection a bit to get into breeding and make a retirement career out of orchids. I had initially planned it with Paphs, but the market trends of the past...
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    Protocol when someone sells you an original awarded plant

    Thank you Bob. Award was paid for and all. I did find out today that the laminated tag had been provided as well, but was just not affixed to the plant. In the Judging world, quality awards go to the plant and cultural awards (aside from ADs) go to the grower. And so if I can have the laminated...
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    How Expensive can Paphs get, and what drives the price up?

    I would also add in the time factor- and that in many cases is the most important factor of all. You see it less now that orchids have become so mainstream and really decimated the market for breeding on a smaller scale- thus greatly reducing the number of participants and opportunity to buy...
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    Protocol when someone sells you an original awarded plant

    I was about to purchase an original plant that was recently awarded by the AOS and the seller wants to give me scans of the original certificate rather than the original itself. Also I would not be getting the award tag for the plant. Seller is an established breeder of exceptional reputation...
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    How long is unused potting mix viable?

    Excellent- thank you. The mix seems good as it is, but I will do the testing you advise to be sure.
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    How long is unused potting mix viable?

    Greetings all, Hope everyone is well. With double duty on a couple of projects, I had to scale back a bit on the orchids this past year and have not been online much at all, but still going at it and now with more free time I have a small number of new flasks coming this week. What I am...
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    Paph rothschildianum 'Sam's Best' FCC/AOS x 'Perfection' FCC/AOS GM/JOGA

    Very fine outcome. This could prove an important plant.
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    Paph. Iantha Stage 2018

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    is this for real?

    LOL. It would be really fun if someone just went all the way and did something like a Phrag. kovachii var. album fma. giganteum- 18 inch blossoms of purest white.
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    is this for real?

    Me either- but I have heard of Photoshop. No way to know 100% for sure- but I use the full Adobe suite for fabric design and the unusual texture and slight blurriness of just the bloom itself screams Photoshop to me. The price is also too good to be true. A true album form of tigrinum, which...
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    Tzeng's Ace

    Spectacular- you have a real beauty there. First bloom plant I take it? If so, could get even better as the plant gets larger. Well done!
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    Bulbophyllum ornatissimum x putidum

    Wild! Very nice. How tall is the bloom?
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    Paphiopedilum Hawaiian Flight

    Love those petals. A beautiful outcome.
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    Best way to lose weight ?

    I have had periods of both being overweight and in incredible shape in my adult life- and it basically comes down to what you said above. All the various "diets" out there- low carb, high carb, branded diets where you eat prepackaged food (yuk), cleanses etc- are pretty much variations on the...
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    White cattleya hybrid

    A very handsome flower. Looks like it could possibly be close to a primary hybrid. Hard to say, but certainly favors certain species. Nice as this is, worth testing in case you can determine parentage IMHO. Either way, a keeper!
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    Lycaste Nobuo

    Beautiful! There is a certain drama to it, but the flowers are such an uplifting shade of yellow that it seems more cheerful than anything else. Wonderful.