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    paph kolopakingii

    first bloom for this plant bought as a seedling in 2004. 3 flowers + another bud forming
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    1st paphs of 2010

    I haven't visited this forum in a loooooooooong time so first of all Happy New year to all ! here are the Beauty and the Beast ;) (paph venustum var measuresianum) one of my favorite Fanaticums a paph Nitens (insigne x villosum) and this is not a paph but I love it, sophronitis...
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    this one had not bloomed since 2006, 2 spikes this year
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    my favorite one. first bloom, very long stem (about 65 cm)
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    another jackii

    so far I'm having a good malipo/jackii year : alrady bloomed 2 malipo, 1 jackii semi-alba and 1 jackii and I have 2 more malipos in buds This is the second jackii for this year, not my favorite though
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    jackii semi-alba

    almost alba but not 100%. looks a bit more green in person
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    3 paphs blooming for New year

    Happy (late) New year to all of you, paph friends ! here are 3 paphs that opened just on time for New Year : Shun Fa Golden = malipoense x hangianum. this one inherited hangianum wonderful smell. Large flower (14 cm across, 12 cm high). first bloom on a single growth plant tranlienianum...
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    fairrieanum #1

    #2 is late... I love the staminode on this species
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    venustum var measuresianum

    whole plant
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    paph Leeanum

    at least I think so, no label
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    paph Norito Hasegawa

    when I bought this plant in 2004 I never expected it to be such a faithfull bloomer ! Much easier to bloom that its parents ;). a bit early this year...
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    would you have guessed ?

    that this which is a closer view of this is a detail of a wardii petal hair ?
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    sangii, malipo & Ma Belle

    sangii, blooming again
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    hangianum x bellatulum ?

    Hi all ! I haven't posted in a while ... First bloom for this paph. I believe this is hangianum x bellatulum, but not 100% sure. Large flower ( 12x12cm) and wide dorsal (5.5 cm wide)
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    Ma Belle

    this is bellatulum 'Dalmation' x malipoense 'Spring Green'
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    phragmi Sunset Glow 4n

    Eric Young 'Rocket Fire' 4N x Mem. Dick Clements 'Rocket Flash' 4N from Orchid Inn 1st bloom, I'm a bit disappointed with this one as I was expecting better shape and color. I really don't like the edge of the petals
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    paph Lola Bird

    micranthum x emersonii, much easier to grow and bloom than its parents !!
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    one of my very favorites staminode detail
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    Phrag Hanne Popow

    edit : it is St Ouen, not Hanne Popow. Can a moderator change the title ? shape was much better in the previous years. I guess there's something it did not like this year (or needs repotting .....)
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    laelia purpurata

    first purpurata of the season over here