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    Angreacum subulatum

    It's starting to bloom again now (this was early February) with even more flowers. Posting anyway for tapatalk test run. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coelogynes Intermedia and flaccida

    Coelogyne Intermedia Coelogyne flaccida
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    Paph. Celtic Cross - Been away a while

    Paph. Celtic Cross Ive been away from the forum for the past couple years, but hope to be around more. Busy life, little time, etc. Even tried downsizing the collection at one time, but its slowly growing again. Unfortunately, most of the paphs and all the phrags were let go due to space...
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    Paph. venustum...soon

    Species cross claimed to have nice orange / red coloration. Should be worth the wait
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    MVOS Orchid Show Dayton, Ohio Feb 19 and 20 2011

    The Miami Valley Orchid Society of Dayton, Ohio is hosting its annual show this weekend (Feb 19 and 20) at Cox Arboretum. 10 - 4 both days. Free admission and parking. AOS sanctioned. Porters Orchids Natt's Erich Michel Nursery Hilltop Orchids Windswept In Time New Vision Orchid...
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    Microterangis hariotiana

    Its fragrant. Kind of spicy floral, aerangis-like.
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    Tricocentrum pfavii

    Interesting plant. Easy to grow and bloom thus far. Evan from Ecuagenera forced this one and many others upon me when he attended the Mid America back in fall of 08.
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    Phrag. richteri

    First bloom for the plant, pic taken a week or 2 ago. Taken tonight.
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    Paph. Druid Spring

    Paph Druid Spring (druryi 'Ray' HCC/AOS x primulinum flavum 'Flutter')
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    Paph. glaucophyllum...I think

    This one had no id when i got it. Paph glaucophyllum. What do you think?
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    Sedirea japonica

    Accidental double post - please remove
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    Sedirea japonica

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    Zootrophion griffin

    Easy to miss this one.
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    MVOS Show - Dayton, Ohio

    The Miami Valley Orchid Society of Dayton, Ohio is hosting its annual show. Dates are Feb 14th and 15th, 2009. Location is Cox Arboretum 10 - 4 pm both days. Vendors: Natt's, Porter's, Oak Hill, Eric Michaels, Windswept in Time, Oak Knob, New Vision, Victoria Village, Tsuchibuta Pottery
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    Zootrophion serpentinum

    Picked this one (among other Zoos.) up at the MAOC back in Sept. Has bloomed several times, and putting out many new growths. Easy grower. Grown on a piece of tree fern, majority of plant free hangs. Placed behind another bark mount for viewing purposes.
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    Angraecum sesquipedale

    Waited years for this one. First bloom. Spur is just over 12 inches long. Just opened, still a bit green.
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    Aerangis distincta x biloba

    Been a while since posting here, and even longer waiting on this one. Photo doesn't do justice to the heavy salmon tipped sepals. 5 inch nectary. Aerangis distincta x biloba
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    Oeoniella polystachys

    First bloom. Only 2 flowers, one open now. Flowers small, lateral sepal width is 1 1/8 inch wide. Night fragrant, and surprisingly strong for one small flower. Spicy-floral type scent. Angraecoid orchid from Madagascar, Seychelles, and Comoros.
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    Stench from s/h

    I recently acquired some new Paphs and Phrags. Quick history...a 30+ year member of our society passed away. He was an excellent grower with over 40 AOS awards. Greenhouse was packed full of Phrags and Paphs (among other things) most all of which were in s/h. I was fortunate enough to...
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    help with Stenoglottis Neptune

    Anyone know the species used in this cross? Having difficulty finding info on this hybrid.