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  1. Carol

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    My Phrag Fritz Schomburg is in bloom again after a year and a half.
  2. Carol

    OSWP Fall Orchid Festival

    The OSWP is hosting our Fall Orchid Festival: October 16 10-5 October 17 10-3 Phipps Garden Center at Fifth and Shady Avenues, Pittsburgh, PA The event is free and there will be lectures each day. Go to www.oswp.org for the list of vendors and lecture schedule.
  3. Carol

    OSWP Spring Show March 20-21

    The Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania is hosting their Annual Spring Show, The Mystique of Orchids, on March 20-21. Hours are 10-6 Saturday, March 20 and 10-5, March 21 at the Phipps Garden Center(not the big Conservatory). Admission is free to the Public. We will have lectures both days...
  4. Carol

    Paph Angela

    I purchased this Paph Angela from Krull-Smith at the Longwood Garden Show in the spring. The other one that I purchased is also in bud.
  5. Carol

    Woodstream Orchids Open House & Sale

    Hi, I received an email last night from Woodstream Orchids that I would like to share with everyone. Their open house is coming weekend, May 17-18, and there will be a 20% off sale. The sale runs May 12-24. Here is part of their email: "Dear Orchid Friends, May 17 and 18 is our...
  6. Carol

    Paph Julius

    This is Paph Julius blooming in my bathroom. I hope that the third bud opens by next weekend in time for our show.
  7. Carol

    OSWP Fall Orchid Festival

    This is probably in the wrong section but I wanted to post. The OSWP is hosting our Fall Orchid Festival on October 13,14 at the Phipps Garden Center where we hold our meetings. This is a non-judged event with 7 vendors, lectures and one OSWP display. It is free to the public. So, if you...
  8. Carol

    Looking for Vendors in the Seatte area

    HI, I will be visiting my sister in Seattle the second week of the month. Anyone know of any orchid vendors in the Redmond area of Washington State?
  9. Carol

    New York Show

    Hi, I had no idea where to put this post. Does anyone know the dates for the New York Show in 2008?
  10. Carol

    Orchid Inn

    I just recieved a gift certificate from Orchid Inn from a friend in the amount of $100. If you had to select something, what would you pick? A blooming size or flask? My favorites are muliti-florals. I was thinking of the flask of P. Robinianum or perhaps an alba philippnense. These are the...
  11. Carol

    OSWP Auction

    Hi all, the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania is holding an auction Sunday, June 10 at the Phipps Garden Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Along with member donations, we have purchased a nice assortment of orchids from these vendors: Woodstream, R. F. Orchids, Little Greenhouse and Exotic...
  12. Carol

    Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania Show March 24 & 25

    If you are in the neighborhood, join me(I am a co-chair this year) at the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania Show at the Phipps Garden Center 5th & Shady Avenues, Pittsburgh, PA. Admission is free. More information available at www.oswp.org. Hope to see you there, Carol:D