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  1. streetmorrisart

    Cypripedium arietinum V

    It's been quite some time since I shared any of my mixed media paintings here. I'm largely a landscape painter these days, but I still adore orchids, grow them, "hunt" them and make work inspired by them occasionally. This piece is my fifth inspired by my in situ observations of Cypripedium...
  2. streetmorrisart

    Anguloa dubia

    I won this division in the 2014 Slippertalk Forum Fundraiser and it's blooming for me again this spring:
  3. streetmorrisart

    Wutach Gorge in Germany

    Has anyone here been to the Wutach Gorge during the second half of April? I can see that the bus that moves hikers from one spot to another doesn't begin running till the very end of said month which may be my clue. That said, if any orchids at all were going to be in bloom before that, I'd...
  4. streetmorrisart

    new paph and masdevallia-inspired paintings

    I have two, new orchid-inspired pieces available. If you're interested in one of them, please send me a PM or write me at robin@streetmorrisart.com Thanks for looking! Robin Street-Morris Masdevallia Orchid. 2013. Watercolor and pastel on 300lb hot press paper. 11" x 16" (28 x 41cm)...
  5. streetmorrisart

    recent landscapes

    I realize this is an orchid forum so these won't be to everyone's taste, but they're a big part of what I do. Please let me know if one of them is something you'd enjoy owning and we'll go from there. Thanks for your interest! Ocean of Glass with Seabirds. Watercolor and pastel on 300lb...
  6. streetmorrisart

    Epi. magnoliae

    This is another favorite of mine that has responded positively to being in coastal CA and more spikes are on their way. It hangs out in the east-facing windows of my studio and I don't shut the windows at night, so it gets a nice temperature drop. It's one I'll probably naturalize a piece of...
  7. streetmorrisart

    Restrepia striata (brachypus)

    This plant likes California much more than it did Missouri. Some of the upcoming buds blasted while I was out-of-town these past few days, but I'm still enjoying what I've got and more are on the way.
  8. streetmorrisart

    Art Prints

    Hi All, People have asked me over the years if I offer prints and now I do. I'll be making additions to this periodically and I hope you'll find something you'd like to see in your home or office. This link will take you to the floral work, but please consider clicking on the galleries tab...
  9. streetmorrisart

    Dendrophylax funalis

    With the serpentine roots and diminutive green and white blossom, this piece is most assuredly an acquired taste! As always, let me know if you're interesting in owning it and thanks for checking out my work. Oh, and if you'd like to follow my work more easily, please check out my Facebook...
  10. streetmorrisart

    an original Paphiopedilum wardii-inspired painting

    Robin Street-Morris. "Paphiopedilum wardii". 2012. Watercolor and pastel on 300lb hot press paper. 14" x 19" (36 x 48 cm). It was inspired by my Paph. wardii I bloomed from Windy Hill. Please inquire if you're interested in owning this piece. Thanks for your interest!
  11. streetmorrisart

    "Luna IV" (a Paphiopedilum-inspired painting)

    Hi All, My latest Paphiopedilum-inspired piece is titled "Luna IV" and is a 14" x 18" (36 x 46 cm) watercolor and pastel painting on 300lb hot press Arches paper--the good stuff! It's been many years since I painted a Maudiae-type. Please send me a PM if you're interested or an email to...
  12. streetmorrisart

    Paph. wardii ('Windy Hill' x 'Anne' AM/AOS)

    I thought I'd share a quick snap of my Paph. wardii that's in bloom because I like it a lot. I picked it up in the spring and this is its first flowering.
  13. streetmorrisart

    Some of my art on Ebay.

    Ebay used to be a big deal for me back in the day--a lot of people who later became reliable patrons found me that way. I'll be listing a few pieces over this Holiday shopping season here and there. The opening bids reflect half the asking price or even less, so you will most likely end up...
  14. streetmorrisart

    Mexipedium xerophyticum

    This piece is spoken for, but I still thought some of you might enjoy seeing it.
  15. streetmorrisart

    Paph. malipoense

    I know I haven't been sharing often enough...or painting enough orchid-inspired art for that matter (I've been focusing on landscapes). This is another piece from 2012, though, which was inspired by one of my own Paph. malipoense. As with the C. arietinum piece I posted in May, this painting...
  16. streetmorrisart

    Cypripedium arietinum IV

    It's been awhile since I posted, I know! Robin Street-Morris. Cypripedium arietinum IV. 2012. Watercolor and pastel on 300lb hot press paper. 12" x 19" (30 x 48cm).
  17. streetmorrisart

    Bl. Sea Urchin 'Pinkie'

    This is unusual enough that it warrants posting a shot of it in case anyone else wants one. It's a temperature tolerant, fragrant cross between Laelia anceps and Rhyncholaelia glauca I picked up from SBOE years ago (I mention the vendor because I don't believe any other has ever offered this...
  18. streetmorrisart

    Angraecum didieri

    I'm over here to happily share what I feel is the worst photo ever to be posted on Slippertalk...and to sing the praises of Angraecum didieri. My digital camera is in the shop and we're living in the Dark Ages with our soon-to-be-replaced cell phone that can barely hold a charge any longer, let...
  19. streetmorrisart

    Eurychone rothschildiana

    One of my "white whales" in orchid growing over the past nine years has four buds as shown in this awful shot (I had no success growing said angraecoid mounted which would have shown the spike/flowers off much better). My big Hillerman book tells me it's going to have a cinnamon fragrance:
  20. streetmorrisart

    Little brown monster (I mean kitten).

    Mina likes to jump in here nightly between 2 and 4 A.M....not loudly, but it wakes me right up because I hear the gesneriads screaming. I'll just chew on this wire for now... She has it out for Angraecum elephantinum especially--I think she knows I carefully picked it out...