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    Vanda (Neofinetia) falcata 'Suigai'

    Vanda (Neofinetia) falcata 'Suigai'
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    Some Very Expensive Grapes and a Good Pair of Melons

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    Wanted: Twist-Style Neo Pots

    I'm looking for the twisted style of black plastic Neofinetia pots. Does anyone have some extras they'd like to sell? Here are a couple of links to images of what I am looking for...
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    Remind Me Never to Fly to Madeira

    I can hardly imagine the terror of being a passenger on one of these flights. The crosswinds are legendary as are the landings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gWHgJfkLdE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub32vKxO-jg
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    LED Illuminance

    I am hoping someone who understands lighting better than I do can help me with what should be some rather simple calculations. I could use a light meter except for the fact I don't have the actual LEDs in my possession to test them. I am trying to decide which lamps to buy based on these...
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    Kawamoto Orchids

    :( Sad to see it -- they've lifted and used (without my permission) my photo of Neofinetia falcata variety 'Kohou' to advertise and sell their "Neofinetia falcata var. yellow!" on eBay. I've written and asked them to at least give me credit for the photo.
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    The Lovely Trichoglottis pusilla

    Trichoglottis pusilla -- The fragrance at first reminds me of barbershop hair tonic and then after a few days it becomes an extraordinarily pleasant mixture of grape juice and anise. It's quite the powerful scent for such tiny flowers -- less than the diameter of a dime! This twig epiphyte hails...
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    African Violet 'B-Man's Etna'

    African Violet 'B-Man's Etna' -- This one is exceptionally sparkly, and the leaves' burgundy undersides are beautiful too. The official description states: "Single medium pink ruffled pansy/purple fantasy. Medium green, spooned, quilted, ruffled. Standard."
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    Hanukkah, la Fête des Lumières, begins this evening. This eight-day Jewish Holiday, also known as the Festival of Lights, celebrates survival, freedom and the triumph of light over darkness. Anv3PN5fCZA
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    orchids-forever on eBay

    This vendor on eBay, orchids-forever from North Carolina, has been listing Neofinetia falcata 'Shutennou' plants for several months. I've noticed their photo for quite some time and was almost certain it belonged to me. I've been so ill in recent months that I've not bothered to verify it before...
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    Phal Tzu Chiang Balm

    Phalaenopsis Tzu Chiang Balm from Orchids Limited (orchidweb.com). I received it when it was already in early spike and managed to get the buds and flowers to develop from there. The flowers are about 1.75 inches in diameter (~ 4.4 cm) and give off a delightfully strong, sweet, lemony scent...
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    Slipperfan Alert! Phal 'Frances Potter'

    Phalaenopsis 'Frances Potter' (Coral Music x Violet King) It's not the best photo, but the flowers are really nice! Their lemony-sweet scent is quite potent from mid-morning through mid-afternoon. :clap:
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    A Neofinetia falcata Zen Moment

    This was sold to me as Neofinetia falcata variety Kikuotome. I'm not so certain that this is actually Kikuotome, but whatever it is, it sure does smell nice. The colors are especially awesome this year. :)
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    Neofinetia falcata 'Tosamidori'

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    Soubiryu Cometh!

    Neofinetia falcata var. 'Soubiryu' (Kanji 双尾龍 ) is in bud. More photos will follow as they develop and open. Some of the buds have two spikes forming and some don't. It's pretty typical behavior for this variety. :p Enjoy!
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    Walaenopsis (Warning: Larger Photos!)

    Here is what I call my 'Walaenopsis' -- the noid fragrant white multifloral Phalaenopsis I purchased at Walmart last year for under $10usd. I thought it was pretty in the store, so I brought it home with the sole intention of using it as a living bouquet until the flowers had died. The buds...
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    Neofinetia falcata 'Kinginrasha' + (Warning: Larger Photos!)

    Here are two shots of Neofinetia falcata variety 'Kinginrasha' currently in bloom. I'm not overly happy with how the photos turned out, but at least they illustrate somewhat the rough/pebbly texture typically found on both the leaves and the flowers of this variety as well as the upturned faces...
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    Laeliocattleya (walkeriana X lucasiana)

    This is a hybrid of Cattleya walkeriana X Laelia lucasiana. Due to the ever-changing nomenclature of orchids I will note that the rupicolous Laelia lucasiana = Laelia longpipes and may previously have been or may even now be classified as a Sophronitis or Hoffmannseggella. I can't keep up. There...
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    Mother's Day

    Okay I admit this is really, really strange. I'll probably regret it in the morning. :o Mother's Day just passed into the history books a few hours ago -- until it comes around again next year -- but as I was thinking about my Mom tonight, I remembered a photograph of her feet which I snapped...
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    More Fuukiran Fun! (Photos)

    I got a little carried away today making photographs of some of my Neos, so here I am playing show and tell once again. :o These two photos show the first flower to open on my 'Manjyushage' plant. You may have already seen this plant in the other thread I created specifically for it, but...