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  1. polyantha

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz x gigantifolium

    First time bloomer. Sorry for the bad lighting, had no time to get a better shot. It has a very nice yellow colour that is even more intense in reality. It is quite a big plant already: +- 90cm/ 36in LS. This one is for sale (I'm a species guy ;) ), PM if interested.
  2. polyantha

    rothschildianum article

    Just found this informative article (for the full text scroll down to the bottom of the page): http://www.researchgate.net/publication/272680050_Ecology_of_Paphiopedilum_rothschildianum_at_the_type_locality_in_Kinabalu_Park_(Sabah_Malaysia)
  3. polyantha

    vini sanderianum

    Hi guys! Some of you probably remember this thread Rick published in 2010 with a very nice vinicolored sanderianum: I remember beeing a little jealous and impressed by the color, as I have never seen something quite like that before. I started contacting people around the world (some of them...
  4. polyantha

    anitum 'Jona'

    One of my anitums is currently in bloom. The flowers are bigger than the ones of my other plants. One of the adductums is in bud too. All culture questions are welcome. Ligt from the front and from the back:
  5. polyantha

    anitum pollen

    I am looking for anitum pollen. I organized a source, but those flowers blasted. I want to avoid a selfing of my anitum that is currently in bloom..
  6. polyantha

    Veeery hard: Guess the bud

    Your guess?
  7. polyantha

    Banana - experiment

    Hi everyone! I did some testing. I always wondered if banana is really that important in the replate media. See by yourself: P. philippinense x P. rothschildianum (left with banana - right without) P. rothschildianum (left with banana - right without) The beakers stood next to each...
  8. polyantha

    Orchid Exhibition Yverdon Switzerland

    Someone going to Yverdon (CH) April 30th to May 3rd, 2015? Info: http://www.orchideesemotion.ch/
  9. polyantha

    New gigantifoliums

    Hi everyone! Santa brought these gigantifolium siblings a little earlier, because snow is coming. In three days from Taiwan to Switzerland (with CITES and Phyto control). He must have some frickin' fast reindeers! Best wishes Yanik
  10. polyantha

    For European guys: big import!!

    For all the guys from Europe: I will do a big import from Taiwan with CITES and Phyto. Species included are: -philippinense -rothschildianum -praestans -wilhelminae -parishii -dianthum -gigantifolium Prices are around 40Euros for FS plants (except gig). I need to get a re-export...
  11. polyantha

    cypripedium medium

    Hi everyone! I am new to cyp sowing. I have done alot of paph so far, but I don´t think that I should use the P6668 for cypripedium too, right? What are you guys using? Thanks in advance!
  12. polyantha

    Urea fertilizer - outstanding results

    It all began with the MSU fertilizer: Many of you guys have had good results with urea firtilizers. And I did not with my MSU that I tested for two years. The previous fertilizer from a local orchid nursery was much better actually. Root growth was ok, but no new growths and yellowish colour of...
  13. polyantha

    Hepa H13 sufficient?

    Does someone of you run his/her cleanbench with a H13 Hepa-filter? Does it deliver acceptable results or ist it a must to have H14? Thx
  14. polyantha

    C irapeanum growing well

    Hi everyone! My irapeanums are growing pretty well, two stems just withered but one is still growing. I think the other two stems (same plant/ base) withered but the plant itself is still ok. The one that is still green is from another plant, so there are two plants in this compot. Plant size is...
  15. polyantha

    New plants from Orchid Inn

    Hi everyone! I got my first order from Orchid Inn yesterday. I am so happy with those healthy plants. The mexies didn't have that many roots, but I am pretty sure that they will grow new ones in no time. Flasks from left to right: Paph. sanderianum x sib ('Dr. John' AM/AQ/AOS 'Sam Tsui'...
  16. polyantha

    P. rothschildianum 'Big Bird'

    Hi everybody! My biggest roth is in bloom for the first time. The leafspan is 112cm (44"). It only has three flowers, but size and form is very good for the first bloom. Expect to be bigger next time. 'Big Bird' is bred from '266'x'J' and originally comes from Taiwan. Sorry for the bad...
  17. polyantha

    Paph philippinense 'Jona'

    I bought this plant five or six years ago. It was almost dead and heavily neglected. It recovered and bloomed with three flowers two years ago, now with four flowers. The plant itself is pretty big for philippinense: The leaves are 40cm (15.8in) long. Interesting to see how different...
  18. polyantha


    Can someone please tell me where I can get the B1 fungus? Thanks
  19. polyantha

    Verdera Prestop where to order?

    Hi everyone! I need the biological fungicide "Prestop" from Verdera in order to deflask my Cypripedium irapeanum. Does anyone know where I can find this product?
  20. polyantha

    Light analysis

    Hi everyone! I measured the photosynthesis performance of one of my Paph plants (philippinense x praestans) under different light tubes. The experiment setup: A sealed glass box contains the plant and a CO2 meter. The collected data are sent to a data collector program on the computer. The...