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  1. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum (moquettianum x anitum)

  2. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum dodyanum

  3. Calvin_Tiong

    Bulbophyllum graveolens

    Size of the leaves: Length: about 24 inches (measured from the bulb to the tip of the leave) Width: about 5.5 inches Please see above reply (pictures) for the size of the flowers.
  4. Calvin_Tiong

    Bulbophyllum graveolens

    I hope these pictures can tell you the answer :)
  5. Calvin_Tiong

    Bulbophyllum graveolens

    It is the native orchids from the New Guinea and Papua.
  6. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum Transvaal

  7. Calvin_Tiong

    Bulbophyllum graveolens

  8. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum concolor

  9. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum NOID

    Please help me to identify its id. Many thanks🙏
  10. Calvin_Tiong

    Phalaenopsis ludde-violacea

    Natural light :)
  11. Calvin_Tiong

    Rlc. Siam Red

  12. Calvin_Tiong

    Phalaenopsis ludde-violacea

    I used a piece of black cloth as the background. You can have a try.
  13. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum victoria-regina

  14. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum philippinense

  15. Calvin_Tiong

    Rlc. Amy Wakasugi 'Madonna'

    It's free flowering.