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  1. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    i like the green, too
  2. Ozpaph


    tell us how, please
  3. Ozpaph

    Dendrobium Blue Seas leaves turning yellow with pitted spots

    the spots look like insect damage. That leaf is dying. Did the plant have good roots? Watch the new growths.
  4. Ozpaph

    Cattleya rot

    great points Leslie
  5. Ozpaph

    Habenaria "rhodocheila" 'Trey's Big Red'

    That's nice
  6. Ozpaph

    Trichocentrum luridum

    very nice, the leaves look a bit wrinkled?
  7. Ozpaph

    Cattleya labiata alba var ‘angerer’

    lovely long stem. Graceful.
  8. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum (moquettianum x anitum)

    I like this hybrid. The best ones are fabulous. Yours has twistier petals than most.
  9. Ozpaph

    *Dies of anticipation*

    worth flowering again, 'Dad'.
  10. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum moquettianum

    its pretty good!
  11. Ozpaph

    Need help with ID?

    impossible to know other than 'Maudiae type'.
  12. Ozpaph

    Rusty neck

    First, the roots look really dry. I dont think its rot as its the leaf edges. Could be 'bug' damage. Id check you are watering enough. Better air movement. Close observation.
  13. Ozpaph

    Browning lower part of leaf

    probably too wet and too little air movement. Split the leaf and peel it away. They fungicide/cinnamon etc
  14. Ozpaph

    Cattleya rot

    bad rot. Cut, cut, cut. Less water. More air.
  15. Ozpaph

    Paph William Trelease leaves getting yellow

    leaf looks chlorotic; some sort of deficiency. What's in 'Orchid Quick'?? I cant find any info. Id get some K-Lite. Try half teaspoon MgSo4 in 4l water.
  16. Ozpaph

    Prime Child 'Apollo' AM/AOS (primulinum x rothschildianum)

    that is a very big PC. Well done
  17. Ozpaph

    Coco husk as media

    everytime i try using coco things die; the alternate opinion. It stays too wet, for me.
  18. Ozpaph

    Paph henryanum

    that 'second' one is unusual with all the spots
  19. Ozpaph

    paphiopedilum helenae update

    looks really dry. Roots must be deep and drains off fast.
  20. Ozpaph

    Paph moquettianum

    very nice flower