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  1. David Anderson

    Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz

    I thought the form wasn’t great. Not flat but the undulations give it a soft elegance.
  2. David Anderson

    Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz

  3. David Anderson

    Phragmipedium Petit Queillette

    Oh no! I really like the deep pink which is harder to find on the miniature phrags.
  4. David Anderson

    Paph Wossner Ministar

    X helenae
  5. David Anderson

    Paphiopedilum Diane Vickery

    Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum x Paphiopedilum henryanum
  6. David Anderson

    Paphiopedilum Hampshire Kin

    Seedling purchased from New Vision Orchids in 2018.
  7. David Anderson

    Paph Yellow Tiger x glanduliferum

    A first bloom from Windy Hill Gardens: P. Yellow Tiger 'Ruth Luethans' AM/AOS (P. platyphyllum x P. glanduliferum) X P. glanduliferum var. praestans 'Whippoorwill' AM/AOS
  8. David Anderson

    Paph Wossner Ministar

    A seedling purchased from Windy Hill Gardens
  9. David Anderson

    Phragmipedium Inca Embers

    This clone had 9 sequential blooms from May to July 2019, and a new spike is just forming in Dec. 2019.
  10. David Anderson

    Phragmipedium Jason Fischer

    A clone purchased from Bird's Botanicals at the 2019 Missouri Botanical Garden show and sale.
  11. David Anderson

    Phragmipedium Glen Decker 'Julia Hueichucura' HCC/AOS

    I've been an observer of the forum for a while. This is my first post. I'd like to share a picture taken at home of my first AOS award around this time last year. This year's bud blasted as I am trying to optmize media for indoor culture under LED and dry conditions. Water from a small home...