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  1. McPeg

    Paph Hello Dolly

    Love the pinks
  2. McPeg

    Paphiopedilum helenae 'Medusa' AM/AOS, CCM/AOS

    Really lovely!
  3. McPeg

    Cattleya labiata Party

    Gorgeous! Good luck!
  4. McPeg

    Growing cattleyas at me

    big923cattleya, what is your way to keep mealy bugs off Catts?
  5. McPeg

    Angraecum cuculatum

    May I ask if the green moss is added on top of spaghnum moss and is it for looks or does it help hold moisture?
  6. McPeg

    Phragmipedium Farfadet's Entice

    Love the colors seems to be the predominant thoughts and I agree that the colors are great!
  7. McPeg

    Drying Paphs and other Orchid Flower Displays

    Are you drying these by laying down? Put them in silica? Veggie dehydrator? Very interesting results!
  8. McPeg

    Phragmipedium Ivan Portilla

    I love its shape! I see a face in the flower and it looks surprised! Love it!
  9. McPeg

    P. sanderianum rot issue

    What is Luna Sundara? I googled and find incense and smudge sticks. What is it and how do you use it--paint it on rot areas? Sorry if I am showing ignorance, but I am definitely ignorant in this area.
  10. McPeg

    Do your homework. Hone your skills. Cattleya orders from SVO

    It is beautiful and I second Dr. Leslie in asking for you to tell us a bit of your research. I have bought several plants from Fred--heck, I bought from someone else at our show and those plants had the SVO label. They have been healthy and good growers but I'd like to know more about what the...
  11. McPeg


    No question....I was just being brave enough to post for the first time.
  12. McPeg


    I'm going to be brave and post my first pics since I've been lurking in the background--learning, for the last year. I have one pic of my Paph Ho Chi Minh with two flowers in 2022 (first blooming year) and two pics of the flowers this year--one the first bloom to open and then both blooms open...
  13. McPeg

    What is the best roth cross?

    what is Hilo Orchid Farm's ebay username?
  14. McPeg

    P. henryanum 'Yellow Valley Joy' BM/SOK 2022

    Love it and I've never seen one like it!
  15. McPeg

    Paph. emersonii

    I love the dots on the pouch and how petite the plant is with the flower held close.
  16. McPeg

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense ‘Purple Lantern’

    I try to keep good records but I neglected to record how long the first one lasted. A first, single, bloom opened 4/27/2022 and I know it dropped before the next opened. The second and third blooms opened in May (forgot to record the day) and the last bloom dropped on 6/11. No fragrance that...
  17. McPeg

    Cypripedium Lucy Pinkepank, 2 clones.

    Incredibly beautiful!
  18. McPeg

    Paph Booth's Saint-Adductum

    Such striking coloration!