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    Looks like it took!

    That looks very promising indeed.
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    Paph David Ott

    Impressive blooms on a well grown plant!
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    Paph liemianum

    How fantastic is that! Three blooms, wow, well done!
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    Paph. supardii

    Sorry to clarify, I am quite obviously a bit of a clown, But this species is truly very special, I find myself jealous in a kind of funny way
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    Paph. supardii

    So rarely seen, it is special to have the opportunity to see this! (From one clown to another!)
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    Paph liemianum var spotted leaves

    That has good colour, verrrry nice!
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    Highland Beauty

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    Highland Beauty

    Thanks, good to be back!
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    Paphiopedilum stonei 'Something Royal'

    Yeh pony! Great stonei
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    Classic beauty, very nice
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    Highland Beauty

    Lookin good! How does it measure,Jim?
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    Paph. curtisii or superbiens?

    Yes! Curtisii, the plant described as 'superbiens' was lost to culture, but by accounts new examples of what was originally described as superbiens have been redound and are fin dining their way back into collections (or so I understand)
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    Paph. haynaldianum

    Roman candle balls erupting from a cupric-green staminode to explode in front of a satin pink sky, wow, what a cracker!
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    Paph. dayanum

    Admirable growing!
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    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum "Tiny Zebra"

    It always amazes me how you guys can tell the parents by looking at the offspring in roths.
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    Paph philippinense/roebelinii

    Yoweeee! That is a beauty.
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    Paph. wilhelminiae

    Great color, amazing difference.
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    Paph primulinum alba

    I don't think anyone is even implying that the breeder whom you got the plant from is unethical or untrustworthy. This group of species have extreme variation even amongst wild plants. I have seen large collections of wild plants where you would be hard pressed to consider them a single...
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    Paph primulinum alba

    It is almost a tradition to question cochlopetalums on the forum. Sadly the truth is that they have been extensively interbred over the years (possibly significant interbreeding has occurred in nature to further complicate the situation). There are some features of each species which seem to...