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    Dragon's Blood????

    Hey Lance by any chances, you will be selling the dragon blood any time soon?
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    Masd. ignea

    what is the night tempreture of your greenhoused? very stun to see this able to bloom in sunny Singapore
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    20th WOC

    Frankly, its still a worth visit to Singapore. THE 20th will be held in the new Downtown Marina Bay Botanic - a new park. A lot of vendor from other part of the world will peddle their wares and u might meet great paph vendor Generally, paph is not a easy plant to have in low land Singapore-...
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    20th WOC

    when u are in Singapore, u can get it from AVA Singapore - the plant auth. the charges are some what cheap if the exchange rate is in your favour a cites here will cost u around 40 to 45 USD for 5 species a phyto around 20 usd. dun hope for much paph from Sg - mainly imports from...
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    just a survey

    Sorry folks - i should be more clearer on the survery content. i edit it again and pleas give me your opinion
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    just a survey

    Hi All what is the pricing you will consider buying this paph- 5 plants in a package deal. Sorry no pic at this point. Your kind input will help the Seller set the final product on ebay. All plants listed are either selfing or crossing either with an older divison or single fan. 1) helenae BS...
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    Paphiopedilum niveum + ???

    where did u purchase this plant from?
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    Paphiopedilum lawrenceanum

    frankly - if this paph was to be display next to a callosum and its hybrid i cannot see the differents. it's really beautifull.
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    Paphiopedilum elliottianum?

    Pls refer to the Malesian Orchid Journal Vol 3. (2009) page 15. Brief informations on Paph.rothschildianum var elliottianum . Found in Sabah area outside protected NR. ....... quote by P.Cribb & JJ Woods
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    New paph species canhii

    i dun blame author for this issue and ignore the other detail...... look at how plants are being reg at RHS. whom would have the right first? they would all rush through it till the dust is settle ... then the next author would do the corrections and so on so for name start to surface it's the...
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    Paphiopedilum sanderianum first of the season

    stunning !!!!!!
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    Paph philippinense alba

    could it be paph phlippinese var palawanense forma abla?
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    paphiopedilum malipoense var. jackii forma virescens

    frankly.... is this on going like maliponese, spiking for at least 2 -3mths before the flower actually bloom?
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    paphiopedilum fowliei forma christianae

    simply stunning .......a shy beauty
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    difficult paph

    Hi Noel, u are base in Surabaya, why dun u take time to visit Mr. Kolopaking Jr @ SIMANIS NURSERY, in lawan? or some well know nursery in Surabaya. Take a look at what is avaliable and do well there and then, buy some ..... believe you will get more informations with the local. As...
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    Can someone help to identify this slipper orchid?

    wow - u got a nice one
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    Paphiopedilum thainanum culture

    YES!!!!! i had 2 flask and a plant from Taiwan.:D
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    Paphiopedilum thainanum culture

    Hi there any one have detail & culture notes to share on this species? Thanks a million
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    SANGII VS sangii var ayubianum

    just came to know there are such a var in paph sangii family - and was introduce by Ayub and descript by Olaf Gruss.... unable to get much information..... can some one pls adv?
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    KOLOPAKINGII VS kolopakingii var topperii

    thanks for the informations Rick, Erine & Elena Eric - you are funny Wendy - nices pic, why was the box used as a football?